In this article, I will take a look at the one of the most patriotic superheroes, I could think of Superman This is just my view on what we can learn about to love America from this classic hero. I have decided to exclude pictures from this article because I feel they would be a distraction and I want my readers to truly think about my topic.

When you think of Superman, what comes to mind? Is it Krypton, Smallville, Lex Luthor or Lois Lane. For me, what I think of is how he is willing to do anything to protect our country and he wasn't even born here. I remember hearing Superman being called "America's Greatest Immgriant" many times. I'm pretty sure that's what I heard.

That's very true becuase as I pointed out earlier he was not born here and he is willing to protect us at what it takes. However, Superman does have a code of ethics and that prevents him from killing anyone. Superman chooses to use his powers for good but will not kill. He has all that power and he could kill someone if he wanted to. He could have killed Hitler or Bin Laden but he chooses not to use his powers that way.

The next thing I want to talk comes from a deleted scene of "Superman Returns". I found this out from doing some reading about that film and there was supposed to be a scene where he visited Ground Zero and said this "If Ionly I had been here, I could have stopped it". If you listen to this line it tells you Superman feels like he carries the weight of America on his shoulders. Once again this tells you how Superman is willing to protect us from any danger and he feels as if he let us down when he doesn't.

In my last paragraph, I wish to talk about when we the "Man of Steel" in trouble or losing a battle, it's almost like we are losing ourselves because our greatest hero is being defeated and we can't help him. Even when he is down, he still finds a way to pull through and save the day. That's what all our heroes do and I'm not talking about Superheroes but our everyday heroes like our military, police, and our firefighters. These are the Supermen of our world because just like Superman himself, they won't allow themselves to give up and they always finish the task laid before them