Thank you For being a Friend
My take on “The Golden Girls”

“The Golden Girls” is one of the funniest and most heart-warming sitcoms that ever aired on Television. Even though it ended its run before I was ever born, it has become one of favorite TV shows; I discovered it one day while flipping through TV looking for something to watch besides “Regis & Kelly”. I found “The Golden Girls” and I watched it was laughing. A boy of sixteen was at four elderly women because I could understand their relationship. I feel no matter what age or gender, this is a show that everyone can relate to. In this article I will be looking at The Girls and their personalities. Cut off a piece of cheesecake and let's get this article started. Fun fact: over hundred cheesecakes were consumed on set and Bea Arthur hated cheesecake.

I have decided to start this was look at my favorite “Golden Girl”. Rose, the sweet but dim-witted girl from St. Olaf. Rose , while not the smartest one of the girls was the sweetest. She was very strong-willed but she was willing to help. Her first job was at a grief counseling center, though she wasn't very good at it. She always did her best. I really go to know her better when she became a news reporter because she really opened up. She had the longest lasting relationship with boyfriend, Miles. Until they broke up on “The Golden Palace” because he cheated on her. Fun Fact: Betty White was originally to play Blanche.

While Sophia isn't my favorite, she certainly is the funniest. The things she was able to get away with say because of having a stroke and her old age. She was the realest out any of “The Girls”. It hit me hard when Estelle Getty, the actress who played Sophia died because my grandmother died the same year and they were like the same person. My grandmother would say things that Sophia would and vice versa.

After Sophia, my favorite was her daughter, Dorothy. Just like Sophia, Dorothy said some funny stuff. She was one tough lady having gone through a divorce with Stan, a man who cheated on her with a flight attendant. The way Bea played it was all about the timing and she was just classic. She was no-nonsense and always a zinger ready.

While Blanche was my least favorite, she was still an important of the show after all if we didn't have her where the other girls live. We all know Sophia would be in Shady Pines. Blanche just drove me crazy with her sex stories. I was thinking to myself, enough already. Though she did have her moments such as the episode where she had the dream where husband George was still alive but for the most part I never cared for her. Fun Fact: Rue was to play Rose

While not a human character, the house was very important part of the show. Most of the shows took place here and this where the “Girls” talked about life and consumed plenty of cheesecake. It was hard for me to watch them sell the house on “The Golden Palace”.

This is all and “Thank you for being a Friend”.