1999 It was the last year not only of the decade but the century and bill clinton was the president of USA

children`s movie releases

toy story 2(saw it in theaters)
Tarzan(saw it twice in theaters)article image
Star war episode 1

article image
adult movie releases
american pie
austin poweres (one of my favorite comedys)
south park

popular singers [de]
britanny spears
shania twain article image
chrisina agulara
mariah carey
Backstreet boys

popular adult/ teen tv
7th heaven
will and grace
article image futurama
family guy
buffy the vampire slayer
boy meets world
king of queens article image
60 minutes

popular children`s shows
so weird
are you afraid of the dark
rokkos modern life
article image pepper ann
hey arnold
spongebob square pants article image

here it is the popular culture of 1999. i know there is alot more to be said but these are just things that i remember enjoying. anyway hope i brought back memorys
and happy trials :~)

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