We have all had them with your best friend or friends. But what do you do a a sleepover Drink high energy drinks munch on snacks and watch films of course.

Getting started on a sleepover:

You might be speaking on the phone or at school or on the streets. When a idea pops into your head. Do you want to sleep round mine this weekend if i ask my mum?. you ask your mum at first she might say no but then you might bug her for a couple of days then she might say yes.

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So what excatly do you do then?:

Well most of the time I order takeaway. Then when we get the food we watch a film. And just chowdown with your food. But you can also play some videogames or just a bored game.
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What film shall we watch?:

It all depends what kind of movies you want to watch horrors are always good but then there are other ones.
A good one to watch is A Nightmare On Elm Street Because you cant go wrong with that can you. But if you arent in the mood for films you can just watch the TV. But if you watch a horror make sure you ask if they arent scared first. Because you might get there mum on the phone shouting.

article image So many choices.

Perfect food for the perfect film:

If you have Ordered pizza perfect but if you havent go out and buy some food a empty belly isnt a happy belly.
So what food should you buy well crisps (chips)are always good and sweets (candy) of course. I always like to get popcorn. If you have brought a fine selcetion of food dont go crazy and eat it all in five minutes.
Then just sit back and watch the film with your food.

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Where are you going to sleep:

At this point you might be geting sleepy. So you start to tthink where you are going to sleep. You in your bedroom or down stairs on the sofa. But you might be so sleepy you might fall asleep on the floor.

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This has a been a jellybeankid articial.