Tears For Fears is an English synth-pop band that hails from Bath, and North East Somerset, UK and consisted of the writing team of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith a couple of musical misfits who really didn't have a very good upbringing.

This article is a time line of their works from 1982 to 2004. Enjoy.

The Hurting (1982)

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The Hurting was TFF's debut album released in 1982. Total units sold: 22 Million Copies world wide.

The Hurting was Tears For Fears' debut album and had such songs as The Way You Are, Change, and Mad World to name a few songs. This album spawned many hits in the U.K. but didn't make a dent in the foreign market.

Mad World from 1982's the Hurting

Songs From The Big Chair (1985)

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Songs From The Big Chair. Units sold: 50 million copies. Status: quintuple platinum

Shout 1985's Songs From The Big Chair

Songs From the Big Chair was released in February of 1985. This was the album that made Tears For Fears so famous. With songs such as Shout, Everybody Wants To Rule The World, and Head Over Heels. This album really put Tears For Fears out there for everyone to see.

But with fame came the inevitable price of breaking off a friendship but not before the end of the Seeds Of Love Tour.

Seeds Of Love (1989)

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The stresses and friction between Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith would become more apparant as they went on to release such songs as Sowing The Seeds Of Love, Advice For The Young At Heart, Badman's Song, and Woman In Chains.

In the four years between Songs From The Big Chair and Seeds Of Love Curt met his now wife Frances a marketing exec at a St Patrick's Day party and the rest as they say is history.

Sowing The Seeds of Love from 1989's Seeds of Love

Tears Roll Down: The Greatest Hits from 1982-1992 (1992)

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Elemental (1993)

It was after this tour and the sessions for what would become Elemental that Curt Smith had reached his breaking point and Roland Orzabal reached his breaking point. Smith upped, packed all of his stuff and left Bath for New York. The old adage "beat it and never look back."

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And Curt's departure would leave Roland with all of the band's debt. So Roland retained the name Tears For Fears and would work with other musicians.

Elemental music video

Raoul and the Kings of Spain (1995)

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This was the Roland Orzabal solo album. Roland wrote this song to sort of counter act the myth that all fathers can pass along good things to their sons.

Saturine Marshall Lunatic?! (1996)

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20th Century Masters The Very Best of Tears For Fears (2000)

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11 long years would pass with Roland and Curt vowing that they would never work together again until September 2004 and the release of Everybody Loves A Happy Ending.

Curt would later host a college radio talk show implementing that what had happened between himself and Roland in the recording studio really put his love of music to death.

But then Charlton Pettus would change his mind about music.

Then in 2000 a surprise for Curt came in the form of a phone call from Roland's manager asking him if he wanted to collaborate with Roland again?

"Are you f--king kidding me?"?

But Curt and Roland managed to put their differences aside and started collaborating on songs for their most recent album Everybody Loves A Happy Ending which contains the song Closest Thing To Heaven which starred the late Brittany Murphy.

Closest Thing To Heaven

Tears For Fears: Gold (2006)

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Shout: The Very Best of Tears For Fears (2006)

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So that's the Tears For Fears time line. I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Please don't forget to comment and rate.

Even if you don't like Tears For Fears then oh well!