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This is Point Blank one of the most fun and enjoyable game's I have ever played.

The game consists of non-violent, all ages, shooting contests like shooting targets (and avoid to shoot bomb), shooting cardboard targets (avoid shooting cardboard civilians), shooting the target of player color (avoid shooting opposing color), protecting the iconic Dr.Don and Dr. Dan, and many miscellaneous challenges such as the Galaxian stage where lightgun is used in place of spaceships to shoot aliens.

With this game you can play for hour's on end and still not get bored. My friend has a gun and me and him alway's use to play. But he soon got bored and I was left to do the famous light trick with the gun all on my own.

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Time Crisis PS1

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A Brilliant fast-paced action thriller shoot em up! Extra modes including A completly new adventure and a choice of paths to take to bring the evil Kantaris down. Richard Miller himself adds character to the game and is almost like a mini version of a James Bond Film. A must play game, especially as you can play it to your hearts content unlike in the arcade!

Me and my friend use to play this as well. But like Point Blank he soon got bored and he left me to get mad and pull my hair out.

Any one of the dance mat's

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I never had one of these but my friend did. I was never good at it. But boy did i try (and failed).

The general premise of Dance Dance Revolution is to move one's feet to a set pattern. One player can play using one dance pad (Single mode), two players can play using one dance pad each (Versus mode), or one player can play using both dance pads (Doubles mode).


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All i rember is the grapics are boxey 3D effects. Expect it's all on the Playstation 1.

The player starts with three frogs (lives). The player guides a frog which starts at the bottom of the screen. The lower half of the screen contains a road with motor vehicles, which in various versions include cars, trucks, buses, taxis, bicyclists, and/or motorcycles, speeding along it horizontally. The upper half of the screen consists of a river with logs, alligators, and turtles, all moving horizontally across the screen. The very top of the screen contains five "frog homes" which are the goals for each frog. Every level is timed; the player must act quickly to finish each level before the time expires.

House Of The Dead (Eye Toy)

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A multitude of different zombies must be attacked and defeated by hitting them. Innocent people who occasionally appear must also be avoided. Sounds easy hay well it's not. It has three levels and I cant get past the second one.

So thats it for my list.