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Sesame Street
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When I was little, like every child that age, I would watch Sesame Street. This show was on at the time, and many characters had an important role. My favorite was Bert and Ernie. I would watch a lot of television as well.

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I have been to Milan every year of my life. They would have the Milan Melon Festival. There was old cars, rides, and Thomas Edison's Birthplace. I would never go home empty-handed, even that one time when it rained all day I got something. I went to other car shows such as Madison and Wing Foot Lake, but Milan always hit the spot.

He-Man and Garfield
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Both of these cartoons were the pinnacle of my childhood. I would never want to go anywhere when these shows were on. And I collected a lot of He-Man characters (unfortunately, they all have missing heads or arms) but I would like to find some and have a collection of He-Mans again. What I also loved was watching Disney movies, especially "The Three Caballeros". I remember when I rented that film 20 years ago. I also rented a lot of Charlie Brown cartoons.
I would also watch a lot of television. I remember when FOX would play prime-time shows as well as syndication shows.


I had a bedroom in my front side of the house, visiting my grandfather was a treat, going to field trips to Tower City was amazing, I would go to sunday school and boy scouts, Summers at the Kiddie Park and Drive-in were cool, and going to the country was great. I wish I could do all that again.