This is another article about MB, I guess you can say it's kind of prequel article.

In the fall of 1978 after releasing two "blue eyed soul/disco" solo albums, Michael Bolton (then performing under his real Michael Bolotin), teamed up with Bruce Kulick to form Blackjack, along with Jimmy Halsip, and Sandy Gennaro

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From left to right:Michael Bolotin, Jimmy Halsip, Sandy Gennaro, Bruce Kulick.

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In 1979 Blackjack released their debut album, which featured the songs "Love me Tonight", and "Can't live without your love." (you can watch the promo videos for those two songs on Youtube just type in blackjack (band).)

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In 1980 after the release of "Worlds Apart" black jack disbanded for good.

Where Are They Now?
I believe Michael Bolotin needs no explanation, Bruce Kulick joined KISS in 1984, he even played guitar on MB's albums "Michael Bolton", "Everybody's Crazy", and some guitar parts on "The Hunger", Jimmy Halsip joined Jazz Fusion band "The YellowJackets", Sandy Gennaro went on to play drums for Joan Jett, Bo Diddley, Cindy Lauper and other artists he is still a drummer and teaches at The Collective in Manhattan.