Paul is...Dead? He may be anything but he isn't dead. This came unraveled in 1969 when A radio DJ from Detroit played 'Revolution #9' Backwards. Some listener thought he heard 'Turn me on Dead Man' and then other clues such as Paul not wearing shoes and holding a cigarette in his right hand on Abbey Road.
The story was that in November of 1966 at 5am, McCartney had an argument with the other Beatles and drove off in his Austin-Healy and that started the rumor. But the rumor could be seen in The Beatles "Butcher's Album" which had decapitated baby dolls and meat. It was supposed to resemble the bloody accident. But on the "Yesterday and Today" album, it shows Paul inside the trunk. Could that be a coffin?
On the album "Revolver", Paul is facing by the side, not forward. But it was "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band where the rumors were unraveled. First, the image looks like a gravesite. Second, the yellow flowers is supposed to resemble a bass and they spell PAUL?. Third, Paul is holding an English Horn which is black while the others are holding gold instruments. Black is a color of mourning. Fourth, if you put the bass drum by a mirror that says 'Lonely Hearts' it looks like I ONE I X HE ^ DIE which the diamond is pointing to Paul and the others are still alive. Fifth, on Paul's sleeve there's a Ontario Police Patrol logo on his sleeve, but it looks like OPD which means 'Officially Pronounced Dead'. Sixth, Paul is facing back on the back of the album. Could this be Billy Shears? Speaking of which...
Billy Shears was supposedly the replacement for Paul McCartney, which his true name was William Campbell. Other people have thought that William Campbell was Glen's Brother who actually replaced Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. Could there have been a 'Brian is also dead rumor'? The songs on "Sgt. Pepper" also gave us clues such as 'The one and only Billy Shears' and following Billy's here. 'Shes Leaving Home' starts out as 'Wednesday Morning at 5 o'clock' the time of the accident. 5 o'clock was also mentioned on 'Good Morning, Good Morning'. 'Lovely Rita' has a line which says 'When I caught a glimpse of Rita' supposedly, Paul saw a lady before he got into his accident. Another song on "Sgt. Pepper" was 'A Day in the Life' which had the lines 'He blew his mind out in his car'. Was this a reference to Paul?
On the album "Magical Mystery Tour", Paul is supposedly the walrus. Walruses in some countries represent death. In the booklet, there's a sign by Paul's desk that says 'I You Was' which could be arranged by 'I Was You'. And Paul's magician hat is pulled down by his face and he has black flowers on his hat. In most of the pictures, Paul isn't wearing shoes and most corpses are buried without shoes. In the 'Your Mother Should Know' picture, Paul has a black carnation. In the song 'I am the Walrus', you hear the ending of King Lear but some could hear that it may be the police nagotiating the death of Paul. On the song 'Strawberry Fields Forever', John utters in the end 'I buried Paul'.
On the White Album, you see the picture of William Campbell before he was with the Beatles. The song 'Glass Onion' has the line 'The Walrus was Paul', on 'While my Guitar Gently Weeps' George yells 'Paul, Paul, Paul'. On the song 'Im so tired', Lennon utters something and when played backwards it sounds like 'Paul is dead man, miss him, miss him'. 'Dont pass me by' has the line 'You were in a car crash', a reference for the accident. And as usual...the infamous backwards message on 'Revolution #9' that sounds like 'Turn me on dead man'.
"Abbey Road" is considered "The Funeral Album" because John looks like a preacher, Ringo looks like the undertaker, Paul is the corpse, and George looks like the groundskeeper. Paul is not only barefoot and his cigarette is in his right hand, he's also out of step with the other Beatles by having his right foot forward rather than his left. In the background, there's an ambulence and a License Plate on a VW that says 28IF. This was saying that Paul would have been 28 IF he was alive when the album was released.
And finally, on "Let it Be", the picture of Paul is red and his mouth is covered. The other Beatles are in white backgrounds. There are also some 'Paul is Dead' rumors on other musician's songs or albums. On the cover-sleeve of the Rolling Stone's "Their Satanic Majesty's Request" is supposed to be a maze that may lead to Paul's death and on Procol Harum's "Autumn of my Madness", you will hear a car horn interrupt the song, then you hear an ambulence, crying, someone yelling 'Help!' and 'Paul! Paul! Paul!', and someone yelling. There are other sources such as John Lennon's song 'How do you sleep' and Batman comics. Some even admitted that Paul may have been destroyed by aliens.