What's Happened To Music?

Showing how much has changed over the years with music
December 20, 2007
*BIG NOTE!!* I'm not saying I'm a music expert or anything, I'm just expressing my opinion

Music has changed alot. Let's see what's happened.

1. The musicians:

Alot of musicians that are popular today make me wonder "Is it really about the talent or more about the looks?". I'm pretty sure that's what it's about. Let's compare two artists of today:

Billy Talent:

A very popular band, Billy Talent is a pop-punk band. These guys are very popular, have been called cute or hot and "The Best Band Ever" (Which I believe there is no such thing as), but I took a listen to their music, and to be honest, I just can't see it. Firstly, The singer does not have a good voice. He sounds like he's whining. And the one thing I hate most about bad voices is the whiny ones. Secondly, these guys have been known as a punk band for a long time, there is nothing punk about them. Whoever says they are obviously have no idea what punk is. You take a listen and you decide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfEmbIaaBU8
Juliette & The Licks

A band that's not so well known. Very talented though in my opinion. Juliette's voice? I'd say it's very good. You don't hear any whining in it, her voice is pretty clear. What else I really like about this group is in the videos Juliette just goes nuts, and she makes you ask questions about all the crazed things going on as you watch, and I like that (i.e. What's with the costume?) You take a listen and you decide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChW8DpALJpo

2. Getting your music

Back then people would actually go out, support their favourite artists, and buy their CDs so they could make money, and continue making their music. Which I still do, I choose to spend money. But then, there was Napster...

Now first off, I don't wanna go all Metallica (No offence to fans!!) on this but here goes: Napster was a service that would let you download music for free. Which I don't like the idea of. I mean, like I've said before, artists need the money so they can continue their jobs as musician. Which really bugs me when I see these people who are a band's "biggest fan" but yet they don't even buy their albums. But let me tell you worse has happened, such as Radiohead letting fans download their new album entirely for free on their website. Which I find is just nuts really.

That's all for now
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