The great days of comic books

the days of enjoying comic books
July 30, 2008
Over the years ive read quite alot of comics.As a kid i would always get money from my parnets to buy them .I was obsessed with them.Although most of my friends thought that it was ridiculous, i kept on buying tons of comics.My stash of comics was expanding everyweek,and now i could look at my pile and wonder how much money i had spent on all of this.But in a strange way to me,it fells totaly worth it.During my younger days,i was an extremely huge marvel fanboy.

The comics themselves could seem very cheesey at times,and pretty basic,like in every spiderman comic it always used to end with spiderman winning and the villains themselves being shiped out of jail,only to return at a later date.

The basic straight foward comics started to take a much darker tone,creating much more darker and brutal marvel characters,such as the savage Wolverine.

who would later become a key member of the x men

and a much more better example would be the punisher.

the punisher seemed kind of shocking and i was very exited that i was reading a marvel comic about a vigilante brutaly killing criminals.

and as we all know,most heroes have taken some type of promise not to kill.To be specific i found my self constantly reading marvel titles such as spiderman

ghost rider

dare devil

captain america

fantastic four

the punisher

and the incredible hulk

I never once bought a dc book until i was a bit older,i felt like i needed to defend my own brand that i prefer by not buying the rival product,like choosing coke over pepsi .

But this one time i bought a cheap comic book reprinting a few batman,superman,wonderwomen,and plastic man old issues from the 50's.Most of the stories were poorly written and cheesy,because of the time period,but this book is what made me look into batman comics

I soon had an obsesion with all the kickass villains batman had,my personal favorites was Joker

and Two-face

[i was in bliss watching TDK]their were also many more great side villains.


the riddler

cat woman

I would have to say that the i enjoyed villains portion of the story's more then batman himselves.I never liked superman,because he was such a by the book guy,like a boyscout

.This point i just made was presented In Frank millers ground breaking Batman master piece:The Dark Knight Returns"

If your a true batman fan,then you probaly dont need me to explain what its about,but i will anyways.This was a much more darker take on batman[well, it is coming from the man behind sin city] Bruce Wayne is now in his 50s and he has been retired from batman for 10 years,after a vow made to quit after the death of jason todd[the second robin]

remember at the time it was shocking because this was released before "a death in the family".

But after Harvey Dent[now with his face normal,due to plastic surgery] starts terroizing the city again,Bruce Wayne cant fight the urge,and once again becomes Batman

Also their was a totaly brutal and vicious group of teens called the mutants.The joker is also thrown into the mix.

But batmans true enemy in the book is superman,whos been sent by Ronald Reagan to stop batman from continuing his war on crime.Its a very deep book,while it gets very deep at parts with society debating weather or not a vigilane is right or not.Another more bizzare part of the book is the joker calling batman, love at one point,and "my sweets".You could probaly guess what Miller was implying their.Another graphic novel that i thought was brilliant was Watchmen

Its a character driven story about former superheroes who have been outlawed.

All of the "heroes" have no actual super powers what so ever,excect for Dr.Manhattan.

The Dr. has been described in the book as a "walking H-bomb.You eventuly come to relise that he has lost all emotional contact with humanity,it seems to me hes a take on superman .Its a very deep and well thought out story thats going to be turned into a movie soon.The question is weather it could be justified in a movie is still uncertain,so im goona remain undecided until i see the movie.The trailer looked pretty good,though.

2008 has been an incredibly amazing year for comic book movies.I would have to say[and apperently most marvel fans would agree] that the Iron Man movie is up their with the best superhero movies ever made.

The only thing that bothered me was the overusage of cgi,but it was alot less annoying in this,then it was in the mediocre spiderman 3.

The incredible hulk i thought was a simple enjoyable popcorn flick,it was an overall good movie,just nothing special

And of course theirs THE DARK KNIGHT

which at the moment this article was written,is making a killing at the box office,even earning the record for biggest opening weekend.On [the internet movie data base],the dark knight knocked the god father off the number one spot on the top 250,although,nobodys sure if that position can be held by it.At first most people cringed about ledger being cast as the joker,until they actualy saw him in action.

Then everyone would be blown away.It actualy depressed me that the exact feeling of the dark knights joker wouldnt appear in another batman film,due to the late heath ledger.

Sure another actor could be casted,but it wont be the same,no matter what.I love the fact that they spent most of the time with harvey dent when he was pre two face,and builds up to his disfigurement,similar to how it was in the long halloween

As far back as i remember ive been a comic book fan and i will continue to be.As the years go by,comic books seem more like an artform rather then kids stories.Although comics arent as big as they once were,im sure their making more money then ever, now that comic book movies are bigger then ever.
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