Overrated TV Shows: King of the Hill

This article is about why I do not like King of the Hill.
June 17, 2013
There have been tons of great adult animated comedies in the past 15 years. A lot of which air on Fox or Adult Swim. But one of the shows I have never got the appeal of is King of the Hill.

I love Mike Judge's work like Beavis and Butthead, Office Space, and Idiocracy, but I never got the appeal of King of the Hill. The show is just so boring, the characters are dumb, and I am surprised how it lasted for 13 years on TV.

Hank Hill is just some dumb propane salesman with a dumb wife, and dumb son.

Another problem with the show, is the show isn't joke-driven at all. The whole show is just basically the life-style of a redneck Texan family without the jokes or the satire.

Everytime I attempt to watch an episode of King of the Hill, I end up falling asleep or changing the channel five minutes in the episode.

I also don't see how the show lasted for 13 years on Fox!!! I thought TV ratings for the show slipped after the first few seasons. The fact that it was nowhere near as marketable merchandise wise as The Simpsons or South Park were at the time makes me even more amazed at how long it ran for.

I also can't believe the same guy that gave us Beavis and Butthead, also gave us this boring show. King of the Hill was all that Beavis and Butthead wasn't, a boring show that lacked a sense of humor and failed to make me care about the characters.

Personally, I'm glad King of the Hill finally ended, and Mike Judge got back to Beavis and Butthead after 14 years of being off the air.

What would have made this show a lot better, would have been to make the show focus on a Texan family with the same style of humor and jokes that the Simpsons and Family Guy use, and satire the life of hicks in Texas, with Mike Judge's style of potty humor intact. The show could have been genius.

Instead just stick to Squidbillies on Adult Swim, if you want a good series that makes fun of rednecks.

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