Old vs New, PRT 2

To continue on with the old vs new, we look at woman of cinema
July 30, 2008
Women on the silver screen tend to be a powerful and very effective means of advertisement. If used correctly, a woman can be the single element needed into luring the male audience into watching a film. In this article we are going to look at the style and elegance of women of the last century of Hollywood, competing against this centuries.

Where going to look at the top 3 female icons of the 20th century, and compare them to what i believe is to be there 21st century counterpart.

Audrey Hepburn:

Audrey Hepburn, is, even among todays standards, one of the most beautiful women in the world (Forbes top 100 female stars). Those amazing large, dark brown eyes, that enchanting smile and gaze. Even in her time, typical of the late 40s, she was very much desired, but also by women, her constant fashion and mixing of clothes labeled her a fashion icon as well. So now that we know about this glamorous queen, who could we possible put her up against? Fashion, and a classical elegance? Hm. Ah!! Of course!

Eva Longoria.

Beautiful eyes, a gorgeous smile, and classical features? Eva Longoria has it all, her style and advertising of such labels as Armani and D&G has made her a must have pin-up for both males and females alike. But, who is more attractive? Well you decide.
Elizabeth Taylor.

The one and only, legendary screen starlet, the blue eyed bombshell, Elizabeth Taylor. Despite the amount of rolls she has done, and the amount she has given to charity foundations, she is personally to me, one of the most unique looking and acting females of all time. Beautiful blue/green eyes, full lips, and a beauty mark next to her lips that will have every man wishing he was hers.

Angelina Jolie

Amazing emerald eyes, full lips and beauty marks? There is no other in the world you can possibly think of then the always exquisite, always beautiful, Mrs. Jolie! Just looking at her makes you want to go sneak into a set that Brad Pitt is acting in, and hide in his dressing room closet and suffocate him with a pillow.

Marilyn Monroe

The queen of sex, and the diva of seduction, Marilyn Monroe is and was the most desired women in the world. So who could possibly match up to the erotic gaze, but yet, innocent charm that she so frequently indulged us with. Well this was a hard one, i mean when you are comparing a female to Marilyn Monroe, you better be prepared, but all my research keeps pointing to one girl.

Jessica Alba

I probably don't need to introduce this last girl. I almost guarantee you that all of you have or will once in your life google image her. Full lips, amazing eyes, beautiful face with a little girl charm, and a body to die for. Jessica Alba is all of it!

All crits are welcome, please let me know who you would have liked to have seen instead of these girls! Chao.
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