Teen Wolf Movie Review

Before Air-Bud, there was another Three point hitting dog that had our hearts
July 22, 2008


Ah Teen Wolf. The quintessential 80's movie. The film follows a high school student, played by Michael J. Fox, and although he is incredibly short and unathletic, he is on the basketball team, if you think thats hard to believe, it only gets worse from there. McFly quickly discovers that he is a werewolf, one thing i'd like to talk about is the scene where he is in the bathroom and he is going through his werewolf transition and his dad is pounding on the door telling him to open it and all that. If you close your eyes and listen it really sounds like his dad is barging in on him yanking it, something i totally didn't think about when i watched it as a kid, but it's kinda funny to think about now. Anyway he gains all the things you'd think he would from being a werewolf, hair all over his body, pointy teeth, 3 point abilities.. dunk skills.... offensive awareness...

Yes you hear me correct, being a werewolf has somehow enhanced his b-ball skills tremendously, not only that but it has made him super popular with his peers (especially the ladies).

For some reason when i envisioned a werewolf roaming the halls of a high school i didn't think it would be followed by crowds of people wearing his face on a t-shirt chanting "WOLF WOLF!"

I mean, i've gone through most of my high school life as a hairy short unathletic kid, and trust me it is nothing like this film depicts.
There is some heart warming message to this film, but i was to busy watching the canine in gym shorts doing lay-ups and hitting fade aways like a rabies infected Michael Jordan.

Overall Teen Wolf was ridiculous, but for a 80's movie about a basketball playing werewolf your not really supposed to expect the next Citizen cane.

For the nostalgia alone it deserves.

2 out of 5 stars

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