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My review of all the Home Alones!
December 29, 2008
OK, I'm going to give a review of a BAD movie for once, and since we're around the Holidays. What would be more appropriate then "Home Alone"? Not unless it's "HOME ALONE 4"!
Yeah, "Home Alone 4". What a piece of shit! In case you didn't see it or you haven't seen the first three, then let me take you back, all the way to the year 1990.

The first Home Alone, a simple family comedy with a little humor that only older audience would get, so it was entertaining for all ages. It had Macaulay Culkin as "Kevin McCallister", the youngest of a family of seven, who gets left "home alone" while the family is in chaos to get prepared to go to Paris for the Holidays. Meanwhile Kevin is having a great time until two burglars known as "The Wet Bandits"! Harry(played by Joe Pesci) and Marv(played by Daniel Stern) are absolutely hysterical. All kinds of tricks are pulled on these guys. At the end Kevin's Mother is trying to get home to him, she hiches a ride with Gus Polinski(played by John Candy), and everything is resolved. Now I bet you there won't be anymore. Right?

NO, after the success of the first one they do another one, in 1992 they make "Home Alone 2:Lost in New York"! Now this one, I actually like, in fact I love it more then the first one! In this one, instead of Kevin being left at home, he gets on the wrong plan and left traded in New York! I like how Kevin is more mature and know how to survive, of course since this is a sequel they had to have more stars in it like, Tim Curry, Rob Schneider, Dana Ivey and even Donald Trump! Wow, good gravy they went over board, well not really but that is a pretty good amount of stars in a family film. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern return as well, as Harry and Marv, who is now known as the "Sticky Bandits" after Marv renamed themselves after his "sticky glove".
Anyway, Kevin goes looking for his Uncle Rob's place but his family and him are still in Paris while their house is being renovated. So after Kevin sets up traps, he gets Harry and Marv to the house so he can get them arrested again so they won't get away with stealing the money from "Duncan's Toy Chest".
It all ends the same way. They both seem to repeat the same stuff in a different way, in both 1 and 2, Kevin makes friend with an elderly person, at first he thought they were some kind of killer and both movies start out similar.

Well, after five years they decide to make "Home Alone 3" in 1997. Wait, but what are they going to do? Macaulay Culkin is not acting anymore, cause after the movie, "Ri¢hie Ri¢h (1994)" that he played in, he retired from acting until 2003. Even if Macaulay Culkin could do it, he was just too old to play the part of a 10 year old boy. So what they do? They made a hole different story!
The story is about a group of terrorists who is transporting a computer chip that can be used in a missile. They hide it in a toy remote control car, but during the security check line, their bag gets switched by an old lady. She takes it home, which is in Chicago(where Kevin from the first two films lived in). A boy shovels the snow from her drive way and she pays him with the car. The boy is named "Alex Pruitt" played by child star Alex D. Linz. He finds out he has the chicken pocks and he has to stay home from school for a week, his dad goes away from business, his mom has to work all day and his brother and sister goes to school. So thats how he ends up home alone. Meanwhile the terrorists track the old lady to her neighborhood and starts looking in house by house during broad daylight, looking for the car. Alex sees the crooks and calls the police, two times but they don't find anything and stops talking Alex's calls seriously. Latter the terrorists find out where the car is and Alex sets up traps! This ones not the best but it's okay, I like it. I like how they used a diffrent story and family in this one, so I excepted that! On the cover, a critic says it's "Better then the first two!" I don't know about that one, but this isn't that good, good but NOT that GOOD!

So that was my review of Home Alone 1-3 and now it's time for "Home Alone 4"!
Now in 2002, "abc family" bought the rights to make a TV movie sequel of Home Alone, they called it "Home Alone 4:Taking Back the House"! Boy what a shit Stan!
The story is about Kevin McCallister's parents split up and his dad finds a rich woman and starts dating her. Obviously, Macaulay Culkin's not in it so they get child star, Mike Weinberg. He is way too young for the part of Kevin McCallister! Well Kevin stays with his dad and his new girlfriend at her mansion for Christmas, meanwhile Marv(played by French Stewart) is back in town with his wife "Vera"! Now I just gotta say, "What the f*ck?"! Why is Marv, Harry? Yeah they got Harry and Marv mixed up! Did they even watched the first Home Alone? I don't know, they just f*cked up. Anyway, Kevin thinks the old butler, Prescott(played by Erick Avari) is working for Marv and his wife, but his dad doesn't believe him. Then his dad has to take his girlfriend to the airport or something like that, and that how Kevin ends up alone. He sets up traps and such to trap what else? The bad guys. He latter finds out that the maid, "Molly" is working with Marv and not Prescott. Prescott and Kevin both gets locked in the wine seller, they use a cell phone to call the police, I think. I'm sorry I can't remember a lot, cause I honestly didn't finish this piece of shit and I only watch it once, so that tells you it's a buttload of crap! I do remember that at the end Kevin's mom and dad get back together and everything is fine again, but what happened to Kevin's other brother and sister? If you look at the first one, Kevin's looking at a family portrait and it shows his mom, dad, two brothers, two sisters and himself! What the f*ck, man? Did anyone that was working on this shit pile even watch the original? I mean come on. How could a sequel to a great movie have so many errors and suck just as hard too? Please tell me, I'm baffled!
Anyway, you read my review and rent of a classic Christmas series and I thank you for taking the time to read it. If you haven't seen any of the "Home Alone" movies then check them out, but I don't suggest wasting your money on part 4.

Thank you and have a great Holiday!

My ratings:
Home Alone - 4/5
Home Alone 2:Lost in New York - 5/5
Home Alone 3 - 3/5
Home Alone 4:Taking Back the House - 0/5
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