Halloween magic

The fun of Halloween
September 24, 2008
The days are getting shorter and the air is becoming a little more crisp. All signs are pointing to my favorite time of year. Fall is here and that only means one thing Halloween is right around the corner. Growing up and even to this day Halloween is my favorite holiday besides Christmas. I mean the trees leaves are turning colors with all the reds, yellows, and oranges. The trees with orange leaves look like pumpkin patches in the sky. Trees with red leaves look like they are on fire, and the yellows well they just look like yellow trees, just kidding they remind me of fall more then anything.

Halloween meant a few things to me like dressing up your favorite character from T.V. or the movies. It also meant there was going to be endless Halloween specials on T.V. Kids nowadays do not understand how exciting it was to see the previews during Saturday morning cartoons. Just sitting there with a bowl of your favorite cereal, and seeing the ad for Garfield's Halloween or The great pumpkin Charlie Brown. Kids these days have channels devoted to cartoons. When I was growing up cartoons came on Saturday morning and holiday specials where an added bonus, but enough about that, this article is about Halloween not the downfall of Saturday morning bliss.

Where I lived your Halloween weather dictated what you where going to be for Halloween. Some Halloweens where 75 degrees and some were 32 with snow, let me tell you nothing was worse then going trick or treating as a ghost but due to the snow and wind chill you had to wear a cost and long pants under your costume and you looked more like the stay puff marshmallow man then a ghost but either way you got candy and that made the confusion worth it.
On the other hand a warm Halloween made you wish that people where giving out Gatorade so you would not pass out from heat exhaustion or dehydration. The worst was taking three hours to get your vampire make up to look just right only to have sweat it all off by the time you got down the block.

Walking around at night during Halloween just felt magical and if there was a full moon that was an extra bonus. The way the moonlight shined through the branches on a leafless tree almost made the tree look like a skeleton trying to make this Halloween your last. Even clouds took on a more sinister look with the stark light of the moon coming through the clouds they almost looked like lost souls on patrol just looking for someone to take back to their grave. I let my imagination always go free on Halloween I always figured it was the best night for that.

The candy is what made Halloween, Halloween. You always had the people that gave out one piece of candy per person and that always sucked, or the people that did not give out candy at all. The people I hated the most where the people that gave out pennies, or even worse toothbrushes. Come on Halloween was about belly aches from eating your weight in candy and using the remaining candy as dessert in your brown bag lunches for what seemed like the rest of the year There was this funeral home in my town and every year they would give out full sized snicker bars. I guess they figured if you where cool enough to walk up there then you deserved a treat. Halloween was just down right magical for me I never really caused too much problems on Halloween I just enjoyed it for all it was one of the best nights of the year where you could be who or whatever you wanted to be and when ghosts and spirits filed the night sky.
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