Top 5 Arcade Beat 'Em Up's!!!

Classic Arcade beat em up's from the 90's that have never been ported to XBLA/PSN
November 17, 2014
5.Bucky O'Hare (1992)

Now yes I know this game is not in the sense a traditional "Beat 'Em Up" and to many others would be qualified as a Run & Gun game.What is great about Bucky O'Hare is that it plays similar to a Beat 'Em up but wow is this game a lot of fun.I can remember being in Niagara Falls with my Dad and Brother and had decided to go to Clifton Hills.Now if you have ever been to Clifton Hills you will know that there are lots of arcade games to play, when I found Bucky O'Hare I pumped quarter after quarter into that game.Being that the game was 4-players I had a few kids about my age join me and play the game together which just made the game even more awesome.

4.Ninja Baseball Bat Man (1993)

Out all the games that are out there that I have never played is Ninja Baseball Bat Man. I already love to play Beat 'Em up games so is it pretty high up there on my wish list.It's funny to think that even a game that is over 20 years old now would still be very enjoyable today.What I like about this game is how it is unique from the characters you play as to some of the enemies you face.The one thing that always stuck out for me was how one of the bosses in the game is literally a giant passenger jetliner.I strongly urge you to check out game play for Ninja Baseball Bat Man to see how crazy and silly of a game it is,really wish this was on XBLA/PSN.

3.The Punisher (1993)
I tell you when it came to Beat 'Em ups back in the 90's Capcom knew what they were doing and made it loud and clear with The Punisher arcade game.The biggest thing that drew me into this game was all the weapons you could use as The Punisher or Nick Fury.There was assault rifles,sub-machine guns, and your characters gun that they would use at certain times when enemy characters would come at you with guns also.Plus lot's of great melee weapons such as Axe's,Javelin,Baseball Bat etc. The one thing I always found funny about this game was when you do Punisher's special round house kick on the ground it sounds like he is saying WWWWWHHHHHHAAAAACCCCCKKKKKIIIIINNNNNNOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!

2.Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (1993)

Ahhh yes good old Cadillacs and Dinosaurs the one Beat 'Em Up game out there were not only do you get to kick the crap out of bad guys but dinosaurs also. This game is so much fun to play,I always use Mustapha Cairo (speed type) how is the fastest character and is a lot of fun to use. There is also Jack Tenrec (balanced type),Hannah Dundee (skill type), and Mess O'Bradovich (power type). The weapons in Cadillacs and Dinosaurs especially the guns, which you could also pick up ammo for when you were empty are just great. You get a Revolver,Shotgun,Rifle,Uzi, and a Rocket Launcher which comes in handy when you lose all of your lives in a boss fight and start off with a Rocket Launcher to blow them away.A fantastic game that should have got released on XBLA/PSN a long time ago.

1.Alien vs. Predator (1994)

This is it everyone,this is the holy grail of Beat 'Em Ups from the 90's. The one and only Alien vs. Predator the arcade game.Now I just want to get this out of the way right now,don't under any circumstance try to compare this game to the one that came out on SNES under the same title because it is horrible compared to this masterpiece.To me this arcade game is gonna be my favorite Beat 'Em Up, because when I was younger I actually played the real arcade cabinet.In 1994, my father was going to the local college and had brought my brother and I with him one day.We all went to the student bar/restaurant were they had a average assortment of arcade games.When my brother and I saw Alien vs.Predator we were so excited to play it.I can't remember how long we played the game for or how much of my dad's money we spent but it was a experience I will never forget.I always thought it was cool that the developers at Capcom really had taken there time to make this game something special.My favorite character to play as has to be the Predator Hunter because of his strength over the Predator Warrior.I always thought it was awesome that Capcom paid homage to the Predator movie from 1987 being that you can play as Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer but in the arcade game his right arm has a machine gun on it, only making him more badass then he already is.The last character is Lt.Linn Kurosawa,the weakest of the bunch but is ok to use.If any game needs to have a proper HD Remake for XBLA/PSN it's Alien vs. Predator.
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