My top 10 favorite movies

when reading the article,notice how they all come from the 1980s and 1990s.
May 18, 2007
Its amazing how much movies have changed nowadays.thats something im sure everybody reading this article has to agree on. However, not everybody can agree that movies have gotten better. In my personal opinion, movies just arent as good as they used to be. No doubt about it. But I suppose that all readers who are reading this now want to read my top 10 favourite movies, not a complaint about films nowadays, so, heh, I guess i'll start.

10-Super mario bros (1993)

Its a good thing this article is an opinion piece, and not an article with the title THE TOP 10 GREATEST MOVIES ON EARTH, becouse people would be disagreeing with me already. Super mario bros. was NOT a hugly succesful flick when it popped out in 1993. The movie was considered a failure, and many people denounced that this movie was a good example of why video games do not make good movies. I,however enjoyed this movie. I cant deny it. Its very hard to make a movie out of something that already exists in other forms of media.How on earth could somebody make a movie so serious out of something so light and carefree? The director did a good job, more I cannot say.

9-Home alone 3 (1996)

And here we find another movie that is a flop in other peoples eyes, but is a hugly succesful film in my eyes. In case you dident know, home alone 3 is the 3rd part of the movie franchise HOME ALONE, and it is also believed that this movie almost killed the series. Critics said it wasent as good as the 1st 2, and perhaps they were right. But this movie was the 1st movie out of this trillogy that I saw, and there is a saying that what people see when they are young makes a lastiing effect on the rest of thier lifes, so, yeah.

8-Ducktales the movie (1990)

Wow, another movie that failed in theatres. This movie was based off of the hit television series DUCKTALES, 1 of my most favourite shows ever, and a lot of other peoples favourite too.So why on earth did a good tv show make a bad movie? Did the movie come out at a wrong time? Was the script not good enough, or did people just not know about it? Who knows? All I can say is that I liked it. so, HAH.

7-Raiders of the lost ark. (1981)

Hooray, we finally have a movie here that did well in cinemas. Raiders of the lost ark was the 1st of the hit INDIANA JONES series, a series that inspired moviemakers years into the future. This movie is also cosidered the best of the 3 movies, which is where i draw the line at. Yes, this movie is awsome, but its not the best 1 out there. If you really are interested in which 1 was the best in my eyes, keep reading.

6-Ace ventura 2 -when nature calls (1995)

Yep, readers. I am a jim carrey fan, so I just couldent resist adding at least 1 jim carrey film. This was the 2nd of the ACE VENTURA series, and critics say it was not as great as the 1st 1. (Sheesh, me and the critics just cant seem to agree on anything) I have to admit that this 1 did not have the same great quality script of the 1st 1, but I like to think that the 2nd 1 is funnier, and it is less dirty, so, yeah.

5-Indiana jones and the last crusade (1989)

Heres the 3rd part of the INDIANA JONES series.This movie was a huge sucess in theatres, considering it came out in 1989, a year that is known for being the blockbuster year due to all the blockbuster movies that came that year.This flick was considered the weakest of the 3, yet for some it was considered the best of the 3. For me, it wasent the best, but it wasent the worst. If you know all of the IJ movies, you should know by now which 1 is my favourite.

4-UHF (1989)

Heres another film that popped up in the blockbuster year, though it wasent as popular as the previous 1 above. It starred weird Al yankovic,a famous singer from the 1980s, (and nowadays i believe,).
This film was the last film the company orian made, and it was supposed to be the movie that would save the company from dying. The movie actully wasent half-bad, and if it came at a different time, it would have been very popular in theatres, but like i said, it came in 1989, where it was overshadowed by bigger movies like IJ 3 and batman 1, so, uhhuh, It bombed big time. Lets move on, shall we?

3-Who framed roger rabbit (1988)

Heres the classic favourite of many people. Theres not much I can say about it, except that it did well with movie-goers and disney fans alike. This movie is also a good example that DISNEY CAN make good movies. There, I made my point. Keep reading. You're nearing the end

2- Jurassic park (1993)

Jurassic park is a really great movie, and not just becouse I like it. The flick was the very 1st movie to contain CGI, so people have to look upon this movie as an important point in moviemaking history. Plus, it was directed by steven spielberg, a director known for making good films.And if you know anything about his movies, you'll know that I like him too, becouse I got a lot of his movies in my article.

And heres my most favourite film ever.........

1-Indiana jones and the temple of doom (1984)

Heres number 1 in my article. Indiana jones 2. Id love to just talk about how much I enjoy it, but you would get bored of that kind of talking eventully.
This movie did very well in theatres, but it dident do well in critics eyes. They said it just wasent as good as the 1st one, but a lot of people did not agree(including me).
There, thats about all i can say about that movie.

Well, you read my article. I hope you enjoyed it, becouse it was really hard to write it. Thanks for reading.

p.s- You're probably wondering why in my article I never actully talk about what the movie is about, only about how succesful it was.The reason i did not write about what its about is this- you are on retrojunk right now. Instead of reading it here, why dont you just go search around on this site on what the flick is about.

p.p.s-sorry that there are no pictures for this article.i havent quite figured out how to get pictures on an article.

well, there you go.
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