My favourite werewolf movies

Take a look at some of the greatest werewolf movies.
By dg
May 08, 2007
I've put together some of my favourite werewolf movies. Everyone has there favourite monsters and mine is the wolf-man. I just love it when they show great transformations from man to wolf, whether its an old classic or new. I have missed out The howling because I don't think I've ever seen it, sorry its not on the list. I'm sure I will get round to seeing it soon.

This was an early werewolf movie I watched. I think its a classic but I find it hard to watch now. I think a proper werewolf should be standing, if he's half man half wolf, so I really like that about the film.

I loved the opening titles as you see Oliver Reeds evil eyes. I think it has quite a good story on how things happen, starting with a beggar looking for food. He finds an evil Mayor who makes a fool out of him and chucks him in a dirty sell, for a very long time. A maid grows up and she's been touched up by the mayor for years. Finally she stands up against him but unfortunately she's then put in the dirty sell with the beggar. I remember the mayor being really creepy looking. The beggar being in the sell for so many years, he looses control of his mind and looked upon as an animal who was forgotten through the years. He rapes the maid making her pregnant. She's manages to escape and kill the evil mayor and then flees to the woods.

The maid gives birth to her son and then the baby gets picked up by a farmer. The baby grows up as a boy and you see the first step of him turning into the werewolf. The at first kills goats. His parents know there's something wrong with him and put bars on his window, from stopping him killing anything. It was quite funny seeing the kid trying to break the bars. Then he grows up to become Oliver Reed. I found the film fairly boring at times with slow build ups, to Oliver Reed finally turning into a werewolf. It was always great as he killed everyone he would encounter and his great transformation which is obviously dated but still looks pretty cool. I thought he looked pretty good as the werewolf, nothing to cheesy but good enough for the time.

I watched this recently and really liked it. I did watched it as kid but I didn't really how good it actually was. Its not really about a werewolf going round slaying people to death but it was great seeing Jack Nicholson changing. It was more about the spiritual side to a werewolf which was quit interesting. Like any werewolf film though Nicholson gets bitten by a wolf and the curse goes into his bloodline. Its got some funny moments, mainly coming from Nicholson with his slick humour. I never would have thought he would do a werewolf movie. He looked quite good and pretty evil as a wolf. He didn't go on all fours but more of a teen wolf style of werewolf with big ears and long nails. I found the story really good and the way they explained that it would depend on the individual if they would be an evil werewolf or not. James Spader was the evil werewolf and when he turns into one he becomes pretty scary and creepy. I think Spader did an awesome job, I think he's a really good actor and never realized how good he could play a villain. I didn't really care much for the romance but it was good to see Michelle Pfeiffer in it.

Full Eclipse is just a simple horror/action flick with a good action hero Mario Van Peebles. I think its a cool film film seeing a special team, who's gonna reduce the crime on the streets from turning into to evil looking werewolf. There's loads of good action and gory moments. Bruce Payne was a great main villain and I loved it at the end, when Van Peebles has kill him from becoming some super wolf. Over all its a pretty good action flick with loads of gore and made in the good old 90's.

Although this isn't a werewolf film I wanted to put it on the list. I think Wolfen is a brilliant film. Like Wolf its more about the spiritual side and really creates an atmospheric feel. Like I said its not a werewolf film but defiantly needs to be in a similar category to it because its so scary.

Albert Finney is the main character trying to find out who's killing all of the New/Yorkers. I really like the shots in the film there were some really great views seeing the vast city. I also found the film to be very lonely as if there wasn't any one living in the city, which gives it that eerie atmosphere.
As the film goes on you find out that its wolves killing the people from a creepy native played by Edward James Olmos. I found the way the wolves saw there world really good and eerie like the predator.

Although I really enjoyed the film, I think the ending is quite weird. The wolves seemed invincible and you don't really see them as villains. There's loads of tension in the end and very scary. They carnt escape or run. Its great when the wolf rips his head, showing how deadly they were. The only thing I didn't like, was the black bloke dying because he was a funny guy and another familiar face, Tom Noonan, who I also liked in the film was killed. Over all its amazing and a classic.

Ok this is not only a great horror film but one of my favourite films of all time. I like everything about this movie.The film has plenty of humour but still has its seriousness which makes it so scary. The opening is great seeing the moors and then the main characters are introduced Griffin Dunne who plays Jack and David Naughton playing David, in a the back of a sheep truck. They end up at a creepy pub called (The slaughtered lambs) and lets face it, that would put me off on a dark night. They find they are unwelcome but see a five pointed star which they realize warns off monster, mainly werewolf.

They are warned to stick to roads but what do they do, go off into the moors. Its raining and there's freaky howling which is still scary. Then the gruesome death begins, seeing Jack torn to pieces and you can really feel his pain as he screams, which it pretty disturbing. Then David gets scratched by the wolf. The farmers shoot down the beast, as David looks to side with a bloody naked man laying next to him, I remember as a kid, I could never work out what the figure was, lying next to him because the quality on the video was so bad.He ends up meeting his love interest with Jenny Agutter playing nurse Price. This is when he start to get messed up dreams, as the beast starts to flow into his blood stream building up to his transformation. Its great when you see Jack, who comes back from the dead to warn David that he will become the werewolf, I like how his throat looks all torn away, I thought it was great effects.

Then there's the most memorable scene as David transforms into the werewolf, which still looks awesome. Rick baker really did a great job on that effect and not surprising winning an award for it. Then he goes on a killing spree, my favourite is the train passenger who runs down the tunnels as the werewolf chases him and then killed.

It's so funny when David wakes up in the zoo, with wolves just staring at him. I found Landis shot great sites around London which gave it a unique feel to the film.
The ending was sad with David Naughtons character dying by the person who he loves, Jenny Agutter.This film is terrific with jumps and scares through out. John Landis did a brilliant job with it, making it a classic and the greatest werewolf film in my opinion.

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