Synnful Memories Volume 1

A look into my days in the '80's in a small town Ontario, Canada
March 16, 2009
I am new to this so working out the kinks, please bear with me.

I was born in 1978, so I grew up in the '80's, it's strange that at the time all you wanted was to grow up, for the bright future. But now you find yourself longing for the past, not that the present is so horrible but it just seemed so much brighter, happier and better time to live in. This is my first part of the nostalgia part of this blog, maybe some of you will remember these things or identify with them or maybe they may answer questions as to who I really am and how I got here. I hope you really enjoy this, well here I go.

Growing up in a small mountain town, there was not all the amenities of the cities, we had no cable, that did not come to Greensville til the '90's, we had no bus service, and only one store in the whole town...George's store it was known as or the real name Greensville Variety. George's store was up the road for me, up a fair sized hill at the crossroads before Greensville school. So my life really revolved around walking everywhere. Ahh George's store, with it's huge mark ups, expired products and ever changing prices....the 3 arcade machines when you walk in, only 2 that work and one that was rumored to be a hiding spot for a large stash of this day I am really not sure how true that is. I used to love to go up there and play Golden Axe for hours on end, buy the usual Tahiti treat and cool ranch doritos or other kid fare, like bonkers. Damn I miss tahiti treat. So from there after loading up on sugar and our obsenity filled dialogue getting us kicked out it would be off to the survey on bikes or swimming at Crooks Hollow Or Websters Falls.... Keep in mind I had a kick ass pool, but a pool cannot compare to the currents of a waterfall or nature made waterslides.

Tahitian Treat

And the other famous combo mate for me
Cool Ranch Doritos

Golden axe intro screen

Good ol' Webster's Falls

Another thing I always remember is the excitement of the weekends... Saturday morning cartoons on NBC or Fox( well was just WUTV then). Muppet babies, Captain N, Alvin and the chipmunks, Masters of the Universe, hell I could go on and on. But then would come one of the great loves of my life, The Monster's cereal commercials. Count Chocula was always my favorite both as character and cereal, but any commercial with BooBerry, Frankenberry or Yummy Mummy was fine with me. I never tried Yummy mummy sadly and was too young to have had Frute Brute, but recently got reacquianted to the blueberry infused yumminess of Booberry, I bought 6 boxes on ebay for $35. I could never eat Frankenberry though as my strawberry allergy prevented that. Sometimes I think the commercials were more of a draw point than the shows and it's sad that they are not as prominent any more..for better or worse they were an important part of my childhood and now are in demand for my nostalgia..god bless youtube.

Another missed memory is arcades, from the malls to Chuck E cheese to the Games Room in Dundas in my teens, these always will have a spot in my mind. I'll never forget all the birthdays at Chuck E Cheese, the skeeball I always sucked at, the shitty prizes, dirty ball pit, 2 token games, crappy animatronic shows and bad pizza. But man back then was a piece of heaven. Hell I first played Star Wars the arcade, Pac Man, Ghosts & Goblins and many more there, then came TMNT the arcade and we all fell in love. Hell me, Ray and Kyle must have spent over $40 in tokens on that game in one outing, much to my dad's dismay. I'll never forget Kyle, yelling I hate you fucky Cheese and kicking the costumed guy in the balls..great times. The games room was some local christians in my early to mid teens, created a business to give kids something to do in Dundas. A very well intentioned idea, however as we all know that's the way to hell.
The games room had all the newest arcades, it was there I first saw and then played mortal Kombat, it also had a huge cd jukebox full of metal, rap and grunge cds, pool tables and air hockey. Eventually it became a hang out for people to smoke out front and then became like a place to promote your street fight and then take the crowd to the arena for the big event. So needless to say it was shutdown. I will never forget the nights there, the 45 mins walk it took to get home, the booze, the fights, the games especially X-men the arcade.

And yes, I myself went to the Arena to do battle and happily kicked someone twice my sizes ass. Well i will continue this later hope you enjoyed.
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