My top 5 shows of the nick era

My first article and my opinion of the best five shows
November 24, 2007
Hey there this is my very 1st time writing an article. Yeah so here's my top 5 favorite nick shows.

5: Rocko's modern life because it had comedy and humor. It's so cool 2 have the main character with an accented voice. It's cool 2 have something like that.Oh and there was a part in a certain episode that won't forget heff went down to the devil and a sign said welcome 2 heck. Heff was "Heck? Isn't it supposed 2 be....." The devil stopped him and I laughed like crazy.

4: Rugrats because Rugrats was cool and Tommy was the bravest of the brave and wasn't scared of anything. The show was bootiful.
3: Kenan and Kel because after coming off of the golden era with all that, Kenan thompson and kel mitchell went on 2 have their own show. The ideas Kenan has are hilarious.Kel's two quotes that I won't forget are "Ahh here it goes!" and "Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda. Is it true? mhhhmm. I do I do I do ooooooooooo!"

2: Doug because Skeeter was cool and the episodes were great. Disney did ok with the show after buying it from Nick, but the Nickelodeon version of Nick was way better. Doug is the quailman. Porkchop has some of his mooments in the show too and it's cool.

1: Hey Arnold because it talks about real life situations and the main character is a nice kid who helps people out when it's needed the most. Like I think the most famous is when he helped Stoop kid leave his stoop. That was really cool. The setting of Arnold I thought was NYC but I was wrong but I can't remember where the setting was. If any body knows can you tell me? Well anyway this is my favorite show in the Nick era.
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