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A tour of a house I grew up for 15 years living in.
November 08, 2010
Hello. My name is Sean. This is my first article on Retro Junk. Nobody that I know on this site has made an article quite like this one. Today, I will be talking about a house I grew up in for my first 15 years in memory. I am 18 years old now and I am turning 19 this month in November. Now, we begin with a flashback of how my life all began.

It was on Tuesday, November 12, 1991 in the hospital that I was born. As I remember, my parents told me that I didn't cry that much when I was an infant. Later, we traveled home to my parent's trailer inside a trailer park. I can see the dark 70s-esque wooden panels already. My parents decided to order pizza for the night, which my dad picked up. I also wish my old, long-lost “boo-boo” kitty, a long-haired domestic who lived with me for that first year and two months of my life peace wherever he is. I hope to see her again someday.

I did anything a kid could dream of in my childhood house – visiting the neighbors to watching VHS tapes in the Winter to actually making buildings on the floor out of VHS tapes; we had it made.

In 1992, in a small neighborhood in a borough next to where I lived, there was a house being built. My parents decided to purchase it and we officially moved out in January of 1993. My parents remember the first days we lived there when we slept on the ground with no furniture.

Later in '93, that Spring, my mom bought home a newborn kitten from a woman's house in a nearby city. My dad decided to name her K.C. (K.C. = “kitty cat”) aka “K.C. Jones.” She would later become our most loved pet and developed my interest in cats as pets (I wanted a dog whom I have now, but that's another story).

1994: I remember the day relatively clear. It was bright and sunny outside. My cousin and his parents visited our house and his dad was helping my dad build a wooden fence around the back of our house. Earlier this year, my Grandfather came over to the house to install tiles on the wall in our kitchen.

1995: My mother was expecting her second child. A girl. Her room was built as preparation for her arrival in January of 1996. I remember the baptism party we held at our house, even.

1997: We dumped an old Sharp console TV for a new, cable-ready Panasonic model.

1999: We built our family room where our basement used to be, around this year. I remember being home-schooled in the first grade and wanted to take breaks to see the work going on it.

Unfortunately, all good memories come to an end. I turned 15 that last month. In December 2006, nearing Christmas time, our house was sold officially and we moved out into a much older cape-cod style home. This concludes my nostalgia for today.
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