Is it T2 or T3?

Deja Vu
April 20, 2009
"Even the most die-hard Terminator fan would have to admit the storyline feels like a shameless and not particularly inspired retread of Terminator 2"

Empire Magazine 2009

T2 and T3 are such similar movies as far as the plot goes that its possible to tell the story and the plot and describe both movies with one description. Lets see...

From the get go:

-Arnold in leather with shotgun as a protector

-Liquid Metal enemy

-Family motif of the protector, hopeless boy and the female figure is preserved

1. The movie begins with a voiceover, reminding us what happened before and what the movie is about in a pill, transitioning into the Futuristic scenes...

...which end with the shot of the endoskeleton

2. We then see the terminators arrive in the present. The villain arrives in a deserted/empty area, encountering one person with a car

Immediately after acquiring its car it searches through the available data to find its target(s)

3. The hero arrives near a bar...

..and draws the attention as he comes in

He acquires black leather clothes, and we see him revealed in his getup when he walks out of the bar, with a nice shot sliding from his boots to his face.

4. John meets the hero in the hall, not knowing at first if he's the good or the bad guy

5. When the terminators fight, John takes the opportunity and runs away

...but the villain knocks the hero down. The hero gets up to to the surprise of the witnesses

6. Meanwhile, the villain continues the pursuit in a big truck

...and the hero rushes on his bike

He catches up and shoots the truck's tires

He joins John and together they drive away, while the villain's truck is destroyed...

..much to his dismay

7. After losing the villain for good, the heroes head down south...

..where during the trip the hero gives all the details and info

8. They then acquire the weapons that were hidden and stored

9. The hero 'takes care of the Police' with a Minigun...

...making sure no one is really hurt

10. The trio decides to stop the war and attack the company responsible for building Skynet. They alter their course and go back to attack the company

...but the villain is on their tail

11. After the hand to hand combat, the villain destroys the hero..

..but he then revives...

..and comes back to save the day just in time...

...ending the agonizing villain's existence[/size]

THE END[/align]

Hope you enjoyed that little 'quickie' from me. See you next time!
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