Marvel cartoons of the 90s

I look back at the 90s Marvel cartoons
May 19, 2008
Everybody here remembers at least one of those Marvel cartoons from the 90s. I am here to remind you of those cartoons. first up is Iron Man

multi Billonare Tony Stark is captured in the middle east and is forced to build a weapon for the bad guys but instead builds a suit of Iron and escapes.

This was a great show in my opinion it had The Mandarin , M.O.D.O.K. , Backlash, Dread Knight , and many other Marvel villains to round out the rouge gallery for Iron Man. This also featured a current series of Iron Man comic books which was the Armor wars.

Next up is the Fantastic Four
The fantastic four was an ok series. I thought it was only ok because I am not a huge fantastic four fan. I must admit this had the second best crossover episodes. I liked season 2 because It featured Galactus and the silver surfer in one episode along with Dare Devil The Hulk Ghost Rider and I think Thor.

Next up is the Avengers
The Avengers was a great series much better than the new crappy ultimate avengers. I enjoyed seeing Iron Man Hawk Eye Captain America Thor and many others round out the Avengers. I always loved the Avengers or at least until I found out about them.
next up is the Incredible Hulk
I have always loved the Hulk. Probably because he is easily the coolest of all the Avengers. Season 1 was the hulk battling his enemies like the Leader Gargoyle The Abomination , Thunderbolt Ross ,etc. Season 2 introduced
She Hulk to the animated world. The Hulk also had a few good crossovers with the fantastic four Ghost Rider Thor and Spiderman at least I think.

next up is the X men

This was a pretty good series. I was not a huge X men fan growing up. I think it was because the animation was kind of crappy. But I liked seeing the action scenes. I also loved the Spider Man crossover.

next up is the silver surfer
I never remember seeing this cartoon. I remember that it was computer animated at least I think it was. Silver surfer was a spin off from Fantastic Four. This did not have any crossovers that I remember. but Silver Surfer is cool in my book.

and last up is Spider Man
We all remember spider man. I loved and watched Spider man a lot. I remember all the crossovers with the Marvel characters. I loved Spider Man the best because it had the green and Hob goblins The Vulture Shocker Doc Ock and many others. Defiantly a great series. although I wished he would have meet spider woman bu oh well.

hope you guys like it this is my first article.
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