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Silent Night Deadly Night.....or chris kringle is pissed the @#!* off!
November 19, 2007
I remember hearing about a movie that had santa claus portrayed as a killer.That's right, good old jolly saint nick was slashing and gashing in some movie.It was all over the news and the papers. Mothers who thought this kind of entertainment would mentally damage their young ones, stood up in protest and demanded this movie be taken out of cinemas immediatly.It's an unwritten rule that you just don't mess with a group of soccer moms, so sure enough after just a short amount of time, Silent Night Deadly Night was pulled from theaters.The moral majority mothers had won.Life as we know it was once again safe to exist.Santa would go back to giving out presents instead of beheadings.
I remember seeing posters of the movie being advertised in the rinky dinky little video store my parents belonged to.It had santa going down a chimney carring an axe.I honestly wasn't scared because: 1. I knew santa didn't exist.(Sorry to anyone that still believes). 2. I wasn't a moron who thought that santa would come and kill me.The only thing it did was make me want to see it.Hell the tagline alone was great "you survived halloween,no survive christmas" .Sure why not. Sounds like a challenge I was up for.
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When the movie was finally released on video, my pops and I rented it, and to think about it,not once did he tell me not to be upset by santa killing a bunch of people. Looking back I think I know why,CUZ I'M NOT AN IDIOT!Anyway,The movie starts off with a family coming home from visiting the grandparents.While driving home they notice a man dressed in a santa suit pulled over to the side of the road.Thinking santan needs help he offers his assistance only to be murdered.The mother is raped and then also murdered, all while little Billy Chapman looks on in horror.(Hum...maybe those yentas were right?)
After santa kills his parents Billy is placed in an orphange.While at the orphange he spies on a couple having sex and he decides that sex is a kinda naughty.Being brought up now by a very mean Mother Superior and a nun who kind of takes a liking to Billy sister Margret.After he becomes an adult Billy gets a job at a local department store and has the honor of playing santa.(UH OH).
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While cleaning up one day Billy notices a couple having sex in the storage room. This sort of triggers some crap in his head and he kills the couple because sex is a bad thing.Over the next hour or so you get a few kills and some bad acting.The most memorable kill to me is Linnea Quigley impaled by a pair of deer antlers.Being hung by the chimney(brilliant).
A sheriff starts to investigate the murders and eventually runs into old santa ,who was making his way back to the orphange for a little visit.After a few intense seconds of a showdown,santa is promptly capped . As santa lies on the ground,sister mary is there to comfort Billy in his last few moments of life.It just so happened that when Billy got popped ,his axe fell on the ground and landed at the feet of a boy that you just know wants to pick it up and kill the cop for killing santa.
Silent night was not that heaven on the gore. It was sprinkled about like Adobo.I guess in hindsight, the most the movie had going for it was the shock factor of Santa the murderer.I say lucky for the makers that they had some controvery and that created revenue for them.In my opinion without I wouldn't be talking about this movie right now.
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