Morgs, My Hero

Some heroes don capes, his dons a lab coat
July 31, 2008
When you were little, who did you idolize?

A loved one?


A teacher?


A public advocate?


Or was your hero fictional like Batman,




Earthworm Jim,


Freakazoid & the like?


Or was your hero more surreal, bearing an actual foothold in existence like Captain Kangaroo,


Mr. Wizard,




or Bill Nye The Science Guy?


( Interesting Side Note: My Grandmother used to work with someone at a local college who personally knew & went to school with Bill Nye, no joke)

Everyone has someone that they look up to. For me, it was Doctor Momus Alexander Morgus.


Unlike other televised icons,


Dr. Morgus (Or Morgus the Magnificent as he is also known by) wasn't as famous or as well known across the U.S. like the others, no, he was & still is a local icon in the state of Louisiana where I spent the first 8 years of my life & he was also well known in Detroit during the early 60's.

The beginnings of Morgus are humble ones of how this wonderful man became the best kept secret in the Bayou.


The date & place? Detroit, 1964. The viewing public is treated to a visual bombardment of advertising propaganda similar to the first appearance of GABBO on the Simpsons. Firstly, in the depths of a local newspaper, is a depiction of a rather peculiar man in a lab coat flying an airplane that has a banner that reads " MORGUS IS COMING."

Then it finally appeared:


Though a curious job for a mad scientist, Morgus portrayed a rather eccentric weatherman/ mad scientist during a brief 5 minute segment Monday-Friday at 5:55 p.m. on WJBK Channel 2 before the 6'o clock news took place.

The segment was entitled MORGUS & THE WEATHER ( Also done in New Orleans before he came to Detroit), which featured the doctor himself as well as his sidekick at that time, Armsby, a washing-machine shaped automaton whose prominent feature was flailing dryer-vent arms.

Morgus would perform an experiment, usually ending with unintentional results, and then he would walk over to what appeared to be a fridge mixed with a slot machine called the Super Doppler Radar 2000.

With the handle brought down, the machine would shake & wobble & then spit out the week's weather forecast. Making the following top stories seem rather upstaged.

The response was overwhelming & soon the station decided to give Morgus his own show entitled MORGUS PRESENTS:


Morgus Presents was a sort of a matinee of horrors ( And slightly similiar too MST3K in nature, though this was 20 years before it's time) that took place inside an undisclosed location but reffered to as " The Old City Ice House" where Morgus worked on his experiments.

It was broadcast every friday night at 11:30 P.M. & ran for 90 minutes ( 1 hour & 30 minutes) but due to the lack of movies in Channel 2's film vaults, Morgus switched stations. Which was a good idea considering how horribly bland most of the most were.

The "NEWER" movies in Channel 7's movie library were monster movies ala Universial, giving Morgus much more to work with in plot form.

But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end & in '65, Morgus said adios to Detroit & headed back to the Bayou.


Now it's interesting to note that possibly sometime during this period, a Morgus movie was made though my source material knows little about it & doesn't really give me much to work with on a very important step in the evolution of the good doctor.


The movie isn't exactly widely known about, possibly making it a flop, but copies of it on V.H.S. tape are avaliable on from what I've seen, so if you're that much into Morgus like I am, get it. I'll follow suit shortly, I promise.

After Morgus left, he was put on a local station in New Orleans, but the " Hope They Get Close To The Super Bowl This Year" Saints got put officially into the National Football League.......& well, I'll let you guess what happened.

Morgus got shut out due to everyone wanting to see their boys in the public spotlight & Morgus was forced to basically up & leave the station because of a budget crunch.

It seemed like the world was finally rid of Morgus, but they were sadly wrong.

Silly fools, don't you know that you can't ever keep a good doctor down?!


Okay, now this chapter in the Doc's life I actually know something about. Jump foward 2 decades to the late eighties, you're watching Cox channel 10.

Errie music plays, the camera pans through beaker after beaker of bubbling & brewing fluid of unknown origin until......... the camera pauses at a human skull:

& you realize that Morgus is back on the air, making things that much better.

During this period to fiance his many experiments to hopefully be televised Morgus has set up the Momus Alexander Morgus Institute (M.A.M.I.) and its academic society, The Morgusian Order to Revere a Glorious Understanding of Science. (M.O.R.G.U.S.)

Keep in mind that this was not his idea, no. It was one given to him by the Higher Order,


a select & secret group of humanitarians devoted to the preservation and elevation of our planet through scientific means, that he commonly acknowledges on his program.

Once again, like his Detriot days, Morgus has set up shop in " The Old Ice House" somewhere atop the French Quarter in Burbon Street. Take a quick gander at it if you dare!


Now you may be wondering how Morgus came into the possession of these & why he would decide to preform his experiments here in the first place.

"When refrigerators and store-bagged ice cubes took over the market years ago," says Morgus," many ice houses closed down, leaving some excellent equipment behind that was ideal for freezing scientific specimens for my experiments - and, of course, the rent was cheap."

Good answer doc.

Now in this place, it's easy to get lost or feel rather lonesome, so the doctor has his asisstant Choplsely


& the doctor's robotic servant, E.R.I.C.


Chopsley was a good friend of the doctor's during medical school, but when Chopsley decided to become the guinea pig for Morgus' face transplant surgery, Chopsley sneezed at a highy critical moment & was left permantly scarred, forcing him to don his brown executioner's hood.

And Chopsley continues to play the role of the guinea pig for the doctor by getting cloned only to be sold to a football manager or getting shrunk down to 4 feet tall to deminstrate the doctor's point of reverting everyone to a smaller stature to properly conserve food & water.

Like Igor before him, Chopsley is always used & abused, but the doctor still is a good associate & thus he takes it in mighty strides.

It would seem uneventful, even inhumane for Morgus' revamped show to only run 2 seasons, but so it did friends, so it did.

But as T.V. Land has shown us time & time again, reruns do possess relative re-watchablitiy as it were & so it is with Morgus. Morgus has no new shows in the classic sense, but his escapades of 2 decades pass still continue to intice the non-faint of heart into viewing.

But newer features have been added to the old shows such as a segment called "Ask Dr. Morgus" where the causal viewer can send Morgus a question via e-mail & if Morgus answer's it, the viewer recieves a t-shirt with a Morgus logo emprinted on it & back when New Orleans was still recovering from Hurrican Katrina, they asked what the viewer would personally do to make the "Big Easy" better.

Yes, Morgus has come a long way friends, suffered many trials, many grievances, but time & time again has come out on top the victor & in the end........doesn't every other classic hero?

THE END (c) 2008 Sanguanet_Vibrella, All Rights Reserved & Such, Just don't steal from me you damn dirty apes!

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