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do you remembermaking these?
May 19, 2008
When I was little I really liked comics. I had a lot of friends who did too. everyday we would talk and have fun telling each other about various games and tv shows not to mention our comics and give copies of the issues.

We all aspired to work for one of the big companies ,mainly marvel. All our comics were hand drawn and nothing more then a drawn cover and pages with extremely obvious staples runnig down the sides of the stack of papers and if we found out our house's printer could make coppies or are parents were nice enough to take them to work to make them they were usually extremeley bad copies. But it was fun to make up all your own heroes and draw there series.

Now let's get to the comics. Captain underpants books also played a large role in our creation of comics because george and harold drew there own and taught us that we could too. My first was captain naked. Wow. It's an obvious rippoff and it didn't make sence at all. The captain naked comics story was this:

There is a little boy who every time you punch his backpack (don't ask me why you'd want to) he turns into captain naked!(who for some reason still has underwear) he has no powers and fights only with a sword. That's right a kid strips to his undies when punched in his backpack then fights with a sword. I myself made an incarnation in the series as nakee boy!(also wearing underwear)He seemed to come out of nowhere. He also had just a sword, but around very shortly after he was introduced both gained flying and heatvision out of nowhere! If you think this is bad let's get to the villians.

Doctor dragon: He's a scientist with a scar on his face and an unexplained robot arm. He has various robots that fight for him and a robot suit he goes in. He makes for the only villian in the series that could be taken remotely seriously. he also left various messages that people found funny on our heroes answering machine in the naked cave when he was in jail. He finally started to get as crazy as everything else when he built a new monster the poop monsters! He doen't use them for any evil but he brings them to blockbuster when he rents movies and accidently achieves an evil mission by making it stink.

Birtha Barbarion: Her name is Birtha .. and She's a barbarion. it wasn't very thought out but clever for my age. The darkest moment of the series comes from her. In the fight that she died in she was stabbed in the heart!

Pointy witch: She is a with whos arms are sharp stabbing points. she could be cool except for three things.

1.she's the fattest thing in the universe

2.the only words she can say is the engrish: gir! me have sharp points!

3.she get's sent to the moon to learn the true meaning of Christmas! Wow.

4.Doctor 100 board: He is a scientist who has a living chalkboard monster with numbers 1-100 writen on it! Because he..likes ..math. Wow. He has a daughter named A CHALLY(reading directly from my comic) oh! Ashely.She doesn't really do much but stand there and look pretty.

Captain naked had a horible story and drawings. The story was very short and the first issue was a collaboration with my cousin.(I started drawing one day when she came over so she helped)

But this was when i was in first grade. Second grade I met my comic friends. There was one more before I met the friends and got serious with comics. Splam.
I'm not sure why exactly it's called splam. Don't ask me what it means. It could be a random word or the main characters name so let's get to the main character.

splam: I'm not even sure if he's human. His eyes are triangles. He appears to be a vigilante after having no real costume or powers. Most times he fights with various objects ,fists ,and swings on ropes.

I can only remember 2 issues.

Flute ghost: a man plays a flute and a ghost comes out do to a curse so not a bad idea.

Bad Blocker Boy: I don't understand his name but his power isn't bad. He has a hat that shoots out a giant spike ball on a chain. what made this fight crazy was that splam finally got a power out of nowhere and it was to shoot energy out of his teeth! Wow.

But then I went to a new school and met friends who were into comics and they got much more serious.

So the first I made here was legoman. He likes legos. He buys a box that fell into nuclear waste and upon opening the box is transformed into legoman. He can build himself into a working whatever he needs to defeat the bad guy. He then carries the box with him to transform into legoman when he needs to. All of the enemies were other people who were mutated or objects mutated making some object monster. The series also made references to wrestling and yugioh. It came to an end when at a store he has to fight a monster that emerges from a crashing meteor. He transforms himself with the box in the store's bathroom. he defeats the monster but another guy in the bathroom got mutated when he opened the box in the bathroom. When he goes back in he realizes the other guy became legoman too. They fight for the control of the box and right of being legoman. The story was over after this battle. It was drawn as well as I could for the time and had the best story.

The next was dragonman.He could tranform into dragons and his family had other various transformations. In every issue his family member would loose control of there transformation creature and a fight would come. His brother Kouji became a dinosaur. His cousin Trent became laser tiger. His sister Sara was another dragon. the series ends when his younger brother dragon baby is born. It had a spin off series of dragon baby his new baby brother. Dragon baby had a sort of special a 1 issue star wars spoof and Half Dragon his son fighting the snake skin soldier army in the future.

At the time I was straying from comics and moving on to japanese manga but it would be hard to do to them. Big Guy was a series of a fat guy crushing people and other powers relating to that. It had no thought would have been very offenive and showed that I needed to branch out into manga influenced comics.

Not made into stapled issues but in a notebook was blooby. It had all the influence I needed to draw. There were crazy manga eyes hair and cute creatures. Blooby was a comedy series about the misadventures of a boy named Kwy without any friends who befriends blooby a being of a strange species known only as PETS to humans. Blooby was basically a brown fured more mouse like kirby like creature. He had the IQ of a little kid which set up for many misadventures and jokes plus having a huge impact on Kwy's life and teaching him lessons. The series has no ending after a seemingly climacting battle with the villian and PET creator Mayho.

The next was extremely manga influenced with japanese names and chapters and volumes instead of issues.

In a country that is very poor people formed the dragon hunters who kill and skin dragons to use there scales as money. Kazu a boy who's father is a soldier and left him with dragon saph is not about to let saph die. He forms a resistance army with frineds in the epic tale scales. It had 4 sagas and 14 volumes. It had a sequel called nightmare about his reincarnation.

My next series Kogarasumaru is way to complicated to even go into!

I'm currently working on a manga called demon's plauge and am writing this as I wait to download tokyopop manga creator. Well I just wanted to talk about where it all began. Goodbye and I hope to hear about any other people who liked comics and made there own.
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