Video Game Quotes 2

A look at more lines and quotes in games
November 17, 2010
Welcome back. My first endeavor at going over some older video game quotes and such seemed to go well, so I dug up some more for another round...

So did the guy mean he fell asleep, or is he just so bored he just feels like he's asleep? I've experienced the latter a few times, but I don't think I ever announced it to the world.

Are all merchants in the Zelda games this impatient? I've often thought if I ever ran a store, I'd have signs with this statement all over the place. They wouldn't even have time to pick up a shopping basket before they were being told to buy somethin'!

How does one define themselves as a Bad Dude? Attitude? Skill? Strength?
I dunno. But hey, if ninjas can kidnap the President, I guess its my patriotic duty to at least try to be a bad enough dude, and rescue him.

How kind of you to let me come.

I remember the first time just out of curiosity, I had Mario leap over the exit of the first underground, I was amazed at what I had found. I could skip as far ahead as level 4? Heck yeah.

Then, in Super Mario Bros 3..the Warp Zone was still just as courteous.

Very charming.

I never got very far in Dick Tracy on NES. The gunmen on the rooftops constantly shoot at you, and I guess I just wasn't smart enough to understand the clues Tracy picked up.
But apparently, at the end when finally nab Big Boy Caprice, he states that even though he hates you, you're a good cop. How big of him to admit it.

My local McDonald's had an arcade version of this in the early 90's. Whenever I was there, I'd often hear "FINISH HIM!" across the room. I never was much for Mortal Kombat, but the fact I heard this line a lot in the background makes it stick with me.

What is a man?
The thinkers of the world could have a field day with that one. Looks like Dracula thinks a man is a miserable pile of secrets, as he states in Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night. He'll need to bring up that opinion at the next philosophy meeting.

I just love it when a game has happy end, don't you? Ghosts n Goblins also made a point of congraturating you..whatever that means. It's right up there with another NES game with Ghost in the title.

Another case of boreds came with Superman on NES. Clark Kent is out seeing what the good citizens of Metropolis are up to, but I guess some are up to nothing. Some even go so far as to know nothing.

The next time you die, be sure to apologize for it. It may help the grieving process.

Yeah baby, we're back at Metal Gear. Don't you just hate it when a truck starts to move? Even worse is when someone feels the need to proclaim that it have started to move. What a pain.

Oh no.

The Oregon Trail was one of the earlier computer games I played. It was also one of the most depressing ways I've ever spent an afternoon at the library.
There were quite a few ways to die in this classic game, such as typhoid, cholera, measles, snakebite and so on. But dysentery remains the most well known.

Once it struck, you were as good as gone.

Pixelated tragedy at it's finest. Funerals were held for your dead family, and you continued on the trail. But good luck getting there while you're clinging to life.

Thanks for reading! Hope your oxen live through the night.

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