Cartoon Network City

I talk about the awesomeness that was CN City.
August 12, 2013
In 2004, Cartoon Network once again worked with Animal Logic (Who made the bumpers for the powerhouse era)to make a new look with characters from their shows living together in a cgi city.

So what makes this era special you ask? First of all, I love how the 2d characters and objects interact with the environment and each other. I love the match-ups that are made in these bumpers. Here's an example:

(Broken YouTube Link Removed)

I also love how locations from certain shows and made-up locations based on characters are there. And I like the cgi versions of the haunted house from scooby-doo and Nowhere from Courage. And the themes for these bumpers are catchy and awesome to hear, here's one:

I also love the now/then bumpers, it's so cool to see the character's heads on shining circles.

In this time, cartoon network was still the best place for cartoons and anime. It had great bumpers, themes, and shows and blocks(epxept for Maguzi and Tickle U). Now here's some pictures and an extra video:

In conclusion, the city era of cartoon network was a great time for the network and is considered by me and many to be the best look for cn.
The End.
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