RetroJunk Interview Zone #1

In our first article we will interview Roadgeek
October 06, 2008
An interview with retrojunk user Roadgeek.

the90sruled: Where you born & raised?
Roadgeek: Greensboro, North Carolina

the90sruled: How did you discover retrojunk and what made you want to join?
Roadgeek: Back in October 2005, I did a Google search for '90s commercials and it took me here. I was amazed at how much this site had and simply decided that I should be a part of it.

the90sruled: What would you consider the best part of your life?(Examples: Childhood)
Roadgeek: Hands down, my childhood. When I was a kid, I had no worries at all. The only thing that ever worried me was if touching that would hurt me.

the90sruled: Are you planning on posting anything on retrojunk in the near future?(Examples: TV intros,Commercials)
Roadgeek: I have a few Pee-wee's Playhouse videos I might upload as well as various '90s commercials.

the90sruled: What can you say about your personal life?(Examples: Hobbies,Family)
Roadgeek: My hobbies simply include doing any type of Carolina Circle Mall related things, going on a Nostalgia Trip by watching an old video or visiting Retro Junk, and enjoying company of my friends. Friends are what make my current life in 2008 go round.

the90sruled: What's was your favorite user on retrojunk when you first joined?
Roadgeek: I'd say Reaper. He was really friendly and really showed a lot of Retro characteristics that really made him cool.

the90sruled: What banned retrojunk user do you think was the most mean?
Roadgeek: Probably that limpbiskit guy who always said bad things about the '90s and people who liked the '90s.

the90sruled: Do you enjoy tape trading?
Roadgeek: I'm sure it's very awesome, but I don't have any tapes to trade
the90sruled: What would you like to see on retrojunk in the near future?
Roadgeek: That McDonald's snowman commercial from the '90s.

the90sruled: Who do you think is the coolest user on retrojunk?
Roadgeek: Ackman. He's a map freak like myself and also shows a lot of retro qualities.

the90sruled: How much do you think retrojunk has improved since you joined?
Roadgeek: It has really become sleaker and more navigable. I really think it's easier to get around and it just looks better.

the90sruled: What do you think will happen to reality TV in 5 years?
Roadgeek: Well, I think it'll gradually dissipate by then. Even non retro people I talk to hate reality TV.

the90sruled: What's the worst thing on Today's TV?(Besides Reality TV)
Roadgeek: All of these hip new teeny-bopper shows on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. Yes, I'm talking to you Hannah Montana.

the90sruled: Do you go on any other forums on the internet? If so what's your username for that forum?
Roadgeek: (A Price is Right forum) and InThe'00s (A pop culture forum dealing with pop culture from the '50s to the '00s. I'm still called "Roadgeek" on both forums though.

the90sruled: What's your favorite thing to do at home?(Besides retrojunk)
Roadgeek: Work on the computer and write.

the90sruled: Do you have any last words to say to our retrojunk users before the interview is over?
Roadgeek: I've said it before and I'll say it again. Hold on to your past and do all you can to protect it. Because your memories are some of the greatest things you'll ever have.

Thank you Roadgeek for your time.
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