80's-90's Childhood in Sweden

Some of the things i remember from my childhood.
February 15, 2008
First of i must say that this is my first Article here.
I have read many other, and i feel ready to try to make one myself. I was born in 1986, so i did miss some of the great 80´s stuff.

Aahhh the toys. I had many things, but i did love my Transformer. I hade Optimus Prime and some more that i dont remember the name on. The Prime toys was the kind with plastic rockets. Lost them fast hehe.

Ooooh, Twice the fun

Hmm And then there was Lego. Oooh how i did love Lego.
I did play with Lego from the age of 5 or 6, until i was 15 i think. I did sit for hour every day, making strange machine or just having a good old "Good Vs. The Bad" fight. I think i have all of the instructions somewhere
and all the Lego is now safely stored away.
Sometimes i miss the stuff, so i go out and stick my hand down all the pieces and move around.
The sound the make and the feeling always makes me wish i was 5 again.
Aaaah those were the days.

So many things you can make of these


I did have a Nintendo, with games like, Super Mario Bros,
SMB 2, Bubble Bobble and Contra.

I was not a great player of these games, but i did try best every time. I did borrow Zelda from a friend and i did think that was cool game, but i was not sure of what to do or go in the game.

Movies and Tv

I did love all the things that was on the telly.
And if you dont know, all the cartoons get dubbed.
But if you where lucky, some where not.
The swedhis Donald Duck voice, was not that bad i must say, but the original is the best ;)

I did watch:The Gummi Bears, Donald Duck, Spider-Man: TAS, Batman:TAS and many, many more cartoons.

One of my favorite shows was: Bottom.
Bottom was a TV series that did run from 1991-95.
They did show it in Sweden around..93-94 i think.
A the violence, the figthing and all the silly things they did do. The shows stars are Edward (Adrian Edmondson)
and Richard (Rik Mayall) are "best buddys" living off the government.Doing nothing but getting drunk,breaking stuff and one another and trying to get some girls.
Eddy (Edward) is the one of them that has the most chans to get a girl and he does most of the time beat up Richard. Richard is the weak and kind of sweaty all the time. I did love that show and have now all 3 seasons on DVD.

I was that kind of kid that was allowed to watch "scary"
movies, like "The Fly", "The Shining" and "Stephen King's The Langoliers".

Stephen King's The Langoliers did scare the hell out of me.Why? You see, they did show it on Tv4 on Saturday and Sunday. They did show the first part of the movie on Saturday (you did not get to see the Langoliers, just the scary feeling of "What are the Langoliers?!")
And on the Sunday, i did have to go to bed early, so i did never get to see what they were or what did happen to them all.

But then the day did come, i did think "No more! I must know what happens in that movie." Soo i did rent it, and i was feeling a bit scard...until i did see the Langoliers.
They look like Pacman on steroids or something.

Heeey, are you my dad?


last but not least comics.
I did read Spiderman, Batman, Magnum (not P.I), Spawn,
Donald Duck, The Phantom, and some more.

One thing that makes me mad was that many of the "cooler" comics did disappear. Batman, Magnum was the first to go. Now only Spiderman and X-Men are still going strong.

That was all from me this time. Hope you can read it and that you did like what i did write.
Ha det sa bra och hoppas ni gillade det jag skrev ^^
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