Good Ol Days Of Street Hockey

My days playing street hockey
January 21, 2011
Hello all,

This is my first article so please be kind if its not up to your guys standards.

Well I have seen so many articles on here about video games, movies, people but nothing about out door sports.

Back in the elementary days to early high school, all of me and my friends used to play street hockey. Just remembering the guys yell "caaarrrr" in an angry voice because a play had to be stopped as some guy drove through our game. And for some reason, the cars only came at the most critical of times. (we had a theory that the neighbours did that on purpose because we always were running on their lawns to get the ball back and making a lot of noise on a Sunday morning). I remember things like loosing our only orange hockey ball and someone would have to ride their bike or get a parent to quickly drive to the local Canadian Tire to get another ball.

I always had to have a slurpee before every game as it would get so hot in my goalie gear. I remember I would never wear a cup and finally one day, a friend who looked like he was 18 even though we were like 12-15 years old at the time took a slap shot that hit me square in the family jewels. From that day on, I ALWAYS had a cup on.
But even if you were not a goalie you were still in danger of getting hit in the nads, so that was another good memory of guys going down when they got it. It was so funny. Espically to 12 and 13 year old boys.
We also had memories of when the girls would pass by. we would all try to show off to them. I remember one of my friends always yelled out "the goalie thinks your hot!!" every time a girl walked by. And me being the only goalie (as we only had enough pads for one goalie and we would always play half court). Just simple memories like that.

This was so much fun. We would just plan everything out at the end of the school day and everyone would meet up together and walk over to the friends street which was the best place to play and play till the sun came down. I swear this was the most fun I had as a kid and (I can even say it compares to how much fun gaming was) and there were so many laughs and memories. We even named our street hockey the "SHL". Street Hockey League.

Memories of breaking peoples windows (by accident) memories of epic goals and saves and memories of running away after you accidentally hit a car with the orange ball hockey ball. Memories of friends making fun of other friends for not being a good player or memories of someone being picked last cause they sucked.

I wrote this article because I was driving home the other day from work and I had to drive through a "SHL" game and I was just taken back. It got so awesome that other kids from diff. neighbourhoods started asking if they could play with/against us and the "SHL" really got going for a few summers. You don't see kids gather any more on streets or basketball courts to just play real out door sports anymore. Now every sport game is on a xbox 360 or a PS3 and kids these kids of today are forgetting the simple pleasure of life and just hanging out with your friends at a local park shooting a game of basketball or getting together for a game of street hockey.

Eventhough I am much older now I still try to get the guys toegther for another "SHL" game.

well that's it for my first article and hope it brought back some of your own "SHL" memories and moments.
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