Shows that scared me as a kid

I guess I was wimpy kid, but these showed terrifeid me to no end!
October 06, 2008
My childhood was for the most part a happy, healthy, and fun one. For as long I can remember I lived by kids my own age, or a park, and I loved to watch shows like the Gummi Bears, Darkwing Duck, Gargoyles, and my all time favorite the Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog. Of coarse not all shows of my child hood left me with fond memories. Here are a few of them that robbed me of my sense of safety and innocence.

First one on my list is Fraggle Rock. Now don't get me wrong I learned to love it and I can even play the intro on my guitar, but for a while it scared the hell out of me.

The reason? Well the first time I had seen Fraggle Rock was also around the time I had first seen Grimnlins. The result? I hadn't seen the episode of Fraggle Rock from the start so I didn't know that they were friendly and I assumed they were in Doc's house to eat him. Yup thats how weird I was as a kid.

The second show I feared as a child was Swat Kats.

It has a similar story to Fraggle Rock, because I learned to love Swat Kats. I think the reason I was so scared of this show is that I never liked planes or high explosives until I was about 10. With those factors plus the fact that the Swat Kats had a dark undertone to it made me fear it.

Next on my list you might laugh at me for if you haven't already laughed at Fraggle Rock. What is it you might ask? Dinosaurs.

This might speak for itself. The first time I saw this I was about 6, and I had an older sister who loved this show and tormented me with her action figures and VHS tapes of it. I never was fond of dinos, and I don't think I ever will be thanks the the combination of this show and Jurassic Park.

Another show that didn't scare me per say, but seemed to bother me was Ren and Stimpy.

I for one didn't really get it, and I thought it was gross. I didn't like their voices either.

Well thats about it for this list. Maybe it was just my over active imagination, or I was just a wimpy kid.
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