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    Lost in Space and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Sci-Fi Channel Promo
    Yoplait Fruit On The Bottom Yogurt
    3 glamorous women leave Dannon behind for this brand of yogurt.
    WWF Rock Bottom (1998) - Buried Alive Match - TV Promo
    TV Promo from WWF Rock Bottom In Your House in 1998 - Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match, Presented by Glover
    White Mountain Cooler
    "It's fun getting to the bottom of one"...Especially if you were getting there with the women in this ad.
    A 1985 Famous Footwear Ad
    This ad with an acapella rhythm has a runner on the bottom of the screen highlighting New York stores.
    Nuts For Nintendo
    This is a 20/20 segment on the NES from December 1988. Oh, and about the watermark on the bottom of the screen, I apologize for that. Don't let it dis