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    Samurai Jack Marathon - Long Toonami Promo
    Here is a 60-second promo for a Toonami Samurai Jack marathon back in the early 2000s.
    CN SVES Samurai Jack The Birth of Evil
    Here is a Cartoon Network Saturday Video Entertainment System promo for the 2003 Samurai Jack two-part special, The Birth of Evil.
    Adult Swim - Samurai Jack Season 5 trailer
    This is the trailer for the fifth and final (if controversial) season of Genndy Tartakovsky's masterpiece Samurai Jack on [adult swim].
    Samurai Jack - Short Toonami Marathon Promo
    Here is a shorter 30-second promo for a Toonami marathon for Samurai Jack back in the early 2000s.
    Cartoon Network - Samurai Jack Sneak Peek
    This sneak preview of Samurai Jack can be seen on two Powerpuff Girls VHS tapes from 2001, and a Dexter's Laboratory VHS tape from the same year.
    Samurai Jack -- The Legend Begins
    Here is a 15-second promo from back in 2001 for the premiere movie that launches Samurai Jack (2001-2004) on Cartoon Network.
    Samurai Jack The Legend Begins 2
    Another short promo for the premiere movie, only this time, you can hear Samurai Jack screaming "AAAKUUUUU!!!", followed by Aku laughing.
    Cartoon Network - Samurai Jack: Birth of Evil
    Here is a Toonami promo for a re-airing of the 2003 two-part Samurai Jack episode The Birth of Evil in 2004, right after it won an Emmy Award.
    This Nicorette commercial is brought to you by Genndy Tartakovsky, the man who brought us Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack!
    CN Samurai Jack Emmy Award Congratulations
    This promo from Cartoon Network and Toonami congratulates Samurai Jack's 2004 Emmy Award win for the 2003 two-parter, The Birth of Evil.
    Cartoon Network - Laundry Day
    Samurai Jack (in his underwear) and Johnny Bravo expresses a little fondness for each other in the laundromat...until Blossom shows up, of course!
    Cartoon Network - Night of New Year's Eve-vil
    Here's Grim Reaper of Billy and Mandy fame trying to invite Mojo Jojo of Powerpuff Girls fame to celebrate New Year's with Aku of Samurai Jack fame.