Gilligan's Island Quotes
      Skipper: We're trying to signal that boat out there?
      Gilligan: What boat?
      Skipper: The boat out there.
      Gilligan: I don't see any boat.
      Skipper: Of course you don't.
      Gilligan: Do you?
      Skipper: No.
      Gilligan: Professor, do you see the boat?
      Professor: Oh, I can't see it either.
      Gilligan: But it's out there, right?
      Skipper: Look, Mary Ann saw the boat out there.
      Gilligan: Can you see Mary Ann?
      Skipper: No. How can I see Mary Ann when she isn't even here?
      Gilligan: The same way you can see the boat.

      Ginger: Mary Ann is under the impression that I've been getting you to do
      all my work for me.
      Skipper: (Looks at camera)
      Ginger: So you think so too?! Well, do you know what I think?!
      Skipper: I most certainly do!!!