The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle Quotes
      The Gimmick:
      We're better than anyone, ain't we? Except for The Eagles; The Eagles are better than us.
        The Embezzler:
        Lesson seven: cultivate hatred; it is your greatest asset. Here at home, create a tour that no one can turn up to. Throw the groups name away, and leave a question mark in its place. Create confusion. The Sex Pistols made sure that they failed to turn up at certain venues. Reading false rumors wherever they could.
          The Gimmick:
          Ok, ready to rock!
            The Gimmick:
            And now, the end is near, and so I face- the final curtain. Ha ha ha!
              The Embezzler:
              Helen, never trust a hippie.
                Girl with ants on face:
                The Sex Pistols - a walking abortion. The Sex Pistols are nothing but a bunch of irresponsible half-dead lumps. But the best are born.
                The Crook:
                I was only in it for the birds after the show.
                Girl with ants on face:
                You, Steve Jones, are nothing but a walking dildo doing a good plumbing job. You'd swim through a river of snot, wade nostril deep through a mile of vomit, as long as you thought there was a sexy cunt at the end of it - and those cunts! Daddy's girl! Daddy's girls are in awe of the Sex Pistols! They really believe that what they're grooving to bores them to shit! Daddy's girls are just hot water bottles with tits. Why are they so fucking successful, the Sex Pistols? And the Sex Pistols like death, it excites them sexually. In the end, you see, it all comes down to one thing: they have a sort of negative Midas touch - everything they touch turns to shit!
                  The Embezzler:
                  With the line-up complete, we immediately set about to putting our plan into effect: to swindle ours way to the top of the rock and roll industry. It was a plan that within 2 years was bring us close on a million pounds, and a household name as the most notorious, filthy, disgusting, dirtiest rock and roll band in your bloody world.
                    The Embezzler:
                    (How to Manufacture Your Group) "Find yourself four kids. Make sure they hate eachother. Make sure they can't play."