All That Quotes
      Give a round of sound for our musical guest, (insert musical guest)!
        Well everybody, that's, alllllllll that!
          Lori Beth: Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill just laughed as Jack lay there unconscious.
            Lori Beth:When you see somebody drowning,try to throw popcorn in their mouth.
              "One potato, two potato, three potato, four. I rode a bike without a seat and now my butt is sore."-Lori Beth
                "My mom said if I don't make a 1000 dollars, she said she's going to brush my teeth with a fish stick. WAAAH!!!!"-Katrina
                  "Heck people used to make fun of my freakishly big ears, but then I made me a whole lot of money" -Ross Perot (Amanda)
                    "Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, Mary had a little lamb...and a side of mashed potatoes"-Lori Beth
                      "The story of my life is sad"- Coach Cretan (Kel)
                        Announcer: [show open] Fresh out the box! Stop, look, and watch! Ready yet? Get set! It's all that!
                          Complaint Department Lady: Complaint Department.
                          Megan Marples: Hello, my name is Megan Marples, that is. And this is my dog, Sniffles.
                          Complaint Department Lady: Is that your complaint?
                          Megan Marples: Why, no it is not! You see, I bought this hat and it has a hole in it. Observe the whole.
                          Complaint Department Lady: [grabbing dog] Well, this is the weirdest hat I've ever seen.
                          Megan Marples: No, no, no, no. That is my dog. This is my hat.
                          Complaint Department Lady: [placing dog on head] How's it look?
                          Megan Marples: Well, it looks like you have my dog on your head.
                          Complaint Department Lady: I feel pretty.
                          Megan Marples: Okay, as I was saying. This hat has a hole in it.
                          Complaint Department Lady: ...Whatcha doin'?
                          Megan Marples: Complaining.
                          Complaint Department Lady: May I hear your complaint?
                          Megan Marples: Well, I sure as heck hope so! This hat has an unwanted hole in it!
                          Complaint Department Lady: [opening dog's mouth] Well, you're right. There's a hole right here! This hat is defective.
                          [throws dog down defective shoot]
                          Megan Marples: No, that's my dog!
                          Complaint Department Lady: [grabbing hat] Oh, and what a cute dog it is! Who's a cutie? Who's a cute little...
                          [checks under the hat]
                          Complaint Department Lady: boy? You are!
                          Megan Marples: You are loony!
                          [walks off]
                          Complaint Department Lady: Sir, you forgot your dog!
                            "And now, Lori Beth Dinberg with vital information for your everyday life."

                              today's lunch are:a chicken breast,a corn bread,some macaroni & cheese, and some peeaass.

                              -miss piddlin (kenan)
                                well hello there little angel.

                                -ms. piddlin (kenan)
                                  "If you jumped out of the plane and your parachute doesn't open........BYE BYE!!!!"

                                  -lori beth
                                    "JUMP!! FLAVIN'!!!!"
                                    -Pansy and Ponsy
                                        Repair Man (Kel):
                                        I AM REPAIR MAN MAN MAN MAN!!!
                                        -Repair Man (Kel)
                                          Theme Song:
                                          It's Walter: The Ear Boy! His ears are really big!
                                          -Theme Song
                                            High pitched voice:
                                            Cold finger!
                                            -High pitched voice