The Simpsons Quotes
      Ned Flanders:
      (Sighs as he looks at his picture his late wife Edna Krabappel) I sure do that laugh.
      Nelson Muntz:
      Ha-Ha! I miss her, too.
        Scott Christain:
        Hello, I am Scott Christain filling in for Kent Brockman tonight. Why did the clown cross the road? To arm-robbed at the Kwik-E-Mart. Full stories right after the commercial.
        Homer Simpson:
        Do you this guy in lunchbox?
        Bart Simpson:
        You mean Krusty the Clown? He is my idol.
        Homer Simpson:
        Maybe you should run off to bed.
        Scott Christain:
        Krusty the Clown is behind bars for a armed robbing a Kwik-E-Mart store.
        Bart Simpson:
        (Gasp and shocked) Krusty.
        Lisa Simpson:
        Oh no!
        Scott Christain :
        The reports was went to the cashier and grabbed the gun to threat for all the money in the paperbag....
        Patti ?:
        So the truth comes out.
        Bart Simpson:
        (Tearfully) Oh, Krusty. How could you?!?
        Marge Simpson:
        I know it's bad, But who know, Maybe he might turn out he is innocence all along.
        Homer Simpson:
        Earth to Marge, Earth to Marge, I was there. The clown is G-U-I-L-T-Y!
          FBI Troops 1:
          (Screams) COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS!!!
          FBI Troops 2:
          Don't look at it.
          FBI Troops 3:
          Somebody sell me a ticket.
          FBI CEO (Joe Biden):
          Bring some earmuffs and blind fold. We have been trained for this. (Shoots Homer's laptop with his gun, and the digital projector goes static and grabs Homer from climbing over the fence) From now on, Homer. The only place where you are going to see a movie without buying a ticket is jail!
            So have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwaaaazy Kwanza, a Tip-Top Tet, and a solemn, dignified Ramadan. Now a word from MY god, our sponsor!
              Ned Flanders:
              Feels like I'm wearing nothin' at all... nothin' at all... nothin' at all...
              Stupid sexy Flanders!
                Sideshow Mel:
                My childhood has been un-ruined!
                Joe Biden:
                Listen up you freaks, You are all in violation of title 17 of the U.S. Copyright Code.
                  Did you know what yesterday was?
                  Sure! Happy Anni-birth-intine's-Shark week?
                    Jeremy Freedman:
                    "Why did they have to cancel Futurama?!?"
                      Homer: "Hi."
                      Lenny: "Hey, look! Homer has one of those robot cars!"
                      Carl: "One of those *American* robot cars."
                        Homer: "*shrieking as he displays his swollen butt* The bee bit my bottom, now my bottom's big!"
                          Homer: "This is Ned Flanders, my friend!"
                          Lenny: "What did he say?"
                          Carl: "I dunno. Something about being gay."
                            What are you cackling at fatty! Too much pie that's your problem!
                            -Grandpa Simpson-
                              Don't eat nothin' four a couple of days because I'm taking you out for a steak the size of a toilet seat.
                                Stupid gravity.
                                  "We are the mediocre presidents you won't find our faces on dollars or on cents. There's Taylor, there's Tylor, there's Philmore and Hayes. There's William Henry Harrrison, "I died in 30 days."
                                  -Springfield Elementary Students-
                                    Bart: Remember when we took those hypnotism classes to help us ignore Grandpa?
                                    Homer: I'll say I do, five years later and I still think I'm a chicken. I'm a chicken Marge!
                                      Homer: Awww twenty dollars, I wanted a peanut.
                                      Homer's Brain: Twenty dollars can get you lots of peanuts.
                                      Homer: Explain.
                                      Homer's Brain: Money can be exchanged for goods and services.
                                        Well if it helps Apu, I've found that life is just one crushing defeat after another until you just wish Flanders was dead.
                                          Stupid gravity
                                            Due to the unscheduled trip to the autowrecking yard the bus will be out of commission for two weeks. Note: by reading this letter aloud you have waved any responsibility on our part in purpetuity throughout the known universe. Mmmmm!!!

                                            --Marge Simpson