Under Siege 2: Dark Territory Quotes
      Travis Dane: It could be his wife or his girlfriend.
      Penn: Nobody calls his wife plus one.
      Travis Dane: So what? You're looking for some babe?
      Penn: No. Some bait.
        Merc #2: You fucked up old man. I say it's time to cut and run.
        Penn: Excuse me? (Then he pulls out his knife. The merc swings at him, and then Penn slices his throat).
        Penn (afterwards): Anyone else think I fucked up?
        Travis Dane: No.
          Helicopter Pilot: We sure taught that boy how to fly, didn't we honey?
          Bobby: We sure did, honey. Now what we're going to do is keep this plane right here, or I'll BLOW YOUR MICKEY FICKEYin BRAINS OUT!!!!
            Casey Ryback: Nobody beats me in the kitchen.
              Penn: Did you see the body?
              Merc #1: I assumed he was dead.
              Penn: Assumption is the mother of fuck-ups.
                Travis Dane:
                Chance favors the prepared mind.
                -Travis Dane