What do you get when you combine a Western with a Science Fiction film? You might get this shoot'em up in space. It is set in the distant town of Oblivion (it was actually filmed in Romania). Though it's a high tech town, it has the feel of an old fashioned Western outpost from the 1800's. The town is being terrorized by the snakelike, power-mad Redeye who is also out for the contents of local mines. He shoots the sheriff and disarms Stell Barr, his cyborg deputy. Enter Zack Stone, son of the late Sheriff Stone. Zack is of a rare breed, the empaths. Because he feels the pain of others, he walks a path of non-violence. Can he remain pacifistic in the face of Redeye's terrifying reign? — Sandra Brennan

    Richard Joseph Paul - Zack Stone
    Jackie Swanson - Mattie Chase
    Andrew Divoff - Redeye
    Meg Foster - Stell Barr
    Jimmie F. Skaggs - Buteo
    Carel Struycken - Mr.Gaunt
    Musetta Vander - Lash
    George Takei - Doc Valentine
    Julie Newmar - Miss Kitty
    Jeff Moldovan - Spanner
    Peter David - Cowhand
    Mike Genovese - Marshall Stone
    Tim Miller - Stinking Turncoat
    Isaac Hayes - Buster
    Sam Irvin - Whipping Boy
    Irwin Keyes - Bork
    Frank Roman - Wormhole