Living to Die
    1991 - USA - 84 min. - Feature, Color
    AMG Rating
    (Low Artistic Quality)
    Director Wings Hauser
    Genre/Type Mystery, Crime, Detective Film
    Flags Not For Children, Violence, Nudity, Adult Situations, Strong Sexual Content, Profanity
    MPAA Rating R
    Keywords blackmail, detective, disguise, murder, embezzlement, robbery, investigator, investigation, kill, private-detective, false-accusation
    Produced by PM Entertainment Group
    Released by PM Entertainment Group
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    Wings Hauser directed and stars in this mystery about a Las Vegas detective who learns that a woman believed dead is actually alive and well and involved in a blackmail plot. — Jason Ankeny

    Wings Hauser - Nick Carpenter
    Darcy de Moss - Maggie Sams
    Asher Brauner - Edward Minton
    Arnold Vosloo - Jimmy
    R.J. Walker - Lt. Frank Howard
    Minnie Madden - Jasmine
    Rebecca Barrington - Married Woman
    Jonathan Ross - Assassin
    Janice Carter - Blues Singer
    Raymond Martino - Michael
    Carol Hooper - Dancer
    Cheryl Nishi - Dancer
    Denise Lash - Dancer
    Jim Williams - Body Guard
    Charla Driver - Poker Player
    Wendy McDonald - Rookie Policewoman
    Jason Jaeger