This "monster dog" horror story stars Alice Cooper as Vincent, a rock musician. Vincent's troubles first start when he goes to his childhood home to shoot a music video with his girlfriend Sandra (Victoria Vera), who is the director. Soon after arriving several gruesome murders occur, apparently caused by a pack of wild dogs. About 20 years earlier, Vincent's father was killed by a mob when they blamed him for another series of murders. At that time, his father was accused of being a werewolf and since the current murders are similar to those perpetrated in his father's day, the townspeople suspect Vincent has inherited his father's canine genes. — Eleanor Mannikka

    Alice Cooper - Vincent
    Victoria Vera - Sandra
    Carlos Sanurio - Frank
    Pepita James - Angela
    Emilio Linder - Jordan
    Jose Sarsa - Marilou
    Luis Maluenda - Deputy
    B. Barta Barri - Old Man
    Charlie Bravo - Townsfolk
    Fernando Baeza - Townsfolk
    Nino Bastida - Townfolk
    Ricardo Palacios - Sheriff Morrison
    Fernando Conde - Townsfolk