Dr. Steven Strange, the Marvel Comics magician/superhero created in 1963 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, made his long-awaited screen debut in this 1978 TV pilot film. Peter Hooten certainly fills the costume as Strange, while Sir John Mills plays the doctor's sorcerer shaman "The Ancient One" with an abandon seldom seen in Mills' previous award-winning stage and screen work. The Ancient One (whose real name is Lindmer) allows Strange access to the "Hermedic Arts," which enables him to control the elements. In the pilot, Strange's origin is retraced, then the story segues into a titanic battle between Strange and Camelot-era villainess Morgan Le Fay (Jessica Walter), who has come back to life in order to collect human souls. Stan Lee disowned the video version of Dr. Strange—his standard reaction whenever one of his beloved characters was "camped up" for TV consumption.