Mel Brooks does it again with this send-up of vampire films. That Leslie Nielson plays the great blood-sucking count gives viewers a good idea as to what they are in for. This Dracula takes himself very seriously despite the fact that he's a bit of a klutz with a tendency to slip in the bat guano that adorns his castle floor. Staying very close to Bram Stoker's original story, Brooks also pays sly homage to other major vampire film classics, including Nosferatu. Though silly but subtle gags abound in this outing, Brooks has taken great care to recreate the late 19th-century atmosphere in rich detail and harkens back to Hammer horror movies popular during the '50s and '60s. �
    Leslie Nielsen - Dracula
    Peter MacNicol - Renfield
    Steven Weber - Jonathan Harker
    Amy Yasbeck - Mina
    Lysette Anthony - Lucy
    Harvey Korman - Dr. Seward
    Elaine Ballace - Ballroom Guest
    Sharon Savoy - Speciality Dancer
    Audrey Baranishyn - Ballroom Dancer
    Jeffrey Broadhurst - Ballroom Dancer
    Phillip Connery - Ship Captain
    Leslie S. Sachs - Usherette
    Jennifer Crystal - Nurse
    Megan Cavanaugh - Essie
    Matthew Porretta - Handsome Lieutenant at Ball
    David Savoy - Speciality Dancer
    Ric Coy - Intern
    Ben Livingston - Young Lover at Picnic
    Loraine Shields - Villager
    Sonje Fortag - Villager
    Lisa Cordray - Hat Check Girl
    Alton Ruff - Ballroom Dancer
    Nick Rempel - Crewman
    Karen Roe - Blond Vampire
    Jim Peace - Ballroom Dancer
    Thea Nielsen - Ballroom Guest
    Jude Van Wormer - Ballroom Dancer
    Sandra Rovetta - Ballroom Dancer
    Richard Alan Stewart - Intern
    Ted Sprague - Ballroom Dancer
    Kevin Crawford - Ballroom Dancer
    Darla Haun - Brunette Vampire
    Cindy Marshall-Day - Young Lover at Picnic
    John Frayer - Ballroom Dancer
    Barbaree Earl - Ballroom Guest
    Maura Nielsen - Ballroom Guest
    Delores Nemiro - Ballroom Dancer
    Tricia McFarlin-Mattson - Ballroom Dancer
    Grinnell Morris - Intern
    Anne McVey - Ballroom Dancer
    Alan Walls - Ballroom Dancer
    Kathleen Kane - Villager
    Zale Kessler - Orchestra Leader
    Henry Kaiser - Villager
    Sandy Johnson - Ballroom Dancer
    Chuck McCann - Innkeeper
    Casey King - Crewman
    Derek Mark Lochran - Villager
    Tommy Koenig - Intern
    Jody Peterson - Ballroom Dancer
    Mark Blankfield - Martin
    Charlie Callas - Man in Straightjacket
    Carol Arthur - Villager
    Tony Griffin - Crewman
    Vince Grant - Intern
    Megan Cavanagh - Essie
    David DeLuise - Intern
    Johnny Cocktails - Intern
    Blane Savage - Ballroom Dancer
    Ira Miller - Villager
    Dennon Rawles - Ballroom Dancer
    Shirley Kirkes - Ballroom Dancer
    Ezio Greggio - Coach Driver
    Stan Mazin - Ballroom Dancer
    Gregg Binkley - Woodbridge
    Manette LaChance - Ballroom Dancer
    Cherie Franklin - Peasant on Coach
    Clive Revill - Sykes
    Robin Shepard - Ballroom Guest
    Stephen Wolfe Smith - Intern
    Avery Schreiber - Peasant Couple in Coach
    Rudy de Luca - Guard
    Michael Connors - Intern
    Maud Winchester - Ballroom Guest
    Mel Brooks - Dr. Abraham Van Helsing
    Anne Bancroft - Gypsy