This musical/variety show was seen sunday nights on CBS TV during

    the summer of 1975.

    Actress/singer and dancer:Joey Heatherton and her father..entertainer/

    radio & tv broadcaster and NYC's first children's tv wraparound host/performer

    :Ray Heatherton("The Merry Mailman")would perform song and dance numbers

    and engage in comedic dialogue.

    While the comedy was also handle by Pat Paulsen and Henny Youngman.

    It was hoped that Joey & Dad would become a regular series on CBS..

    the show was not a hit and it left the air following the summer season.

    Mr.Ray Heatherton went onto host a syndicated talk/variety show on

    a local radio station in Long Island,New York"The Ray Heatherton Breakfest

    Club" and a syndicated talk/vareity tv show"A New Day is Dawning" during the

    1970's and 1980's.

    His daughter Joey did some performances in Las Vegas nightspots and she

    appeared in an X rated feature film comedy"The Happy Hooker Goes To

    Washington"..before her career was hampered by drugs.

    In recent years,Ms.Joey Heatherton has gotten help for her drug problems

    and she still performs in small venues.

    Mr.Ray Heatherton was forced to leave his tv talk/variety show in the

    late 1980's.When It was discovered that he was suffering from Alzheimer's


    He entered The Actor's Home in Engelwood,N.J. where he remained..performing

    in a few venues..until he died on Friday August 15,1997.