Crosswits was a British TV quiz show, originally hosted by Barry Cryer from 1985 to 1987 and latterly by comedian Tom O'Connor from 1987 to 1998.

    Produced by Tyne Tees Television from their City Road studios in Newcastle upon Tyne, the show could most usually be found in the 9.25am slot just after TV-am/GMTV had finished, although in later years it was shown in the early afternoons, at around 1.30pm and, in some regions, the evening. The show consisted of two members of the public competing against each other to solve simple crossword puzzles. Each member of the public was helped out by a "celebrity" partner. The announcers for the show were generally Tyne Tees continuity announcers such as Bill Steel, Judi Lines and Jonathan Morrell.

    The winner of the show won a holiday whilst the runner up was awarded a dictionary.

    Crosswits premiered in the UK in early 1985 and lasted for twelve years until its cancellation in 1998.

    + Main Game
    Basically the game was the same as its American counterpart. Except that there were two players (one celebrity & one contestant) on each team instead of three. Like the American version teams took turns solving words in a crossword puzzle (by virtue of clues), all of them are clues to a master puzzle. Each correct answer keeps control and earns one point per letter in the answer plus a chance to solve the master puzzle for 10 bonus points. Later in the run, teams always took turns whether there right or wrong.

    There were also special rounds in the game:

    * Song Round - all clues were lyrics to a well-known song
    * Anagram Round - the first letter of every clue word make a clue word
    * Mystery Round - finding a keyword after one clue without assistance from a clue word wins the contestant a cordless phone

    The team with the most points when time runs out, wins the game & plays the same Crossfire round as the American version.

    +Crossfire Round
    The winning team was shown one last crossword puzzle, with 10 words none of which are clues to a master puzzle. The host reads rapid-fire clues to each of the 10 words. Each correct words brings the winning team extra closer to a holiday for the contestant, and if they can solve all ten in 60 seconds or less, they win the holiday, otherwise the winning player wins consolation prizes.