This is a nationally synidcated version of "The Soupy Sales Show"

    ..which was taped in color and had Soupy and his puppet pals:

    "White Fang","Black Tooth","Pookie The Lion" and "Hippie The

    Hippo"performing comedy dialogue,skits and banter with guest


    The series also featured performances from popular rock music

    stars of the day..Alice Cooper.

    Soupy and his head puppeteer/Comedy asistant:Clyde Adler

    also performed a new skit"The Adventures Of Soupyman"..

    a parody of "The Superman"movies.

    Comic actor and scriptwriter:Marty Brill and Soupy's wife
    Trudy also appeared in skits on the series.

    Sadly,the show aired on many local stations in the early afternoons

    hours(Because some station execs saw the program as just another

    kids tv show)and it failed to catch on with viewers.

    "The New Soupy Sales Show"ended it's run after one season.