The series revolves around the troubled life of grumpy

    and opinionated magazine cartoonist"John Monroe"and his

    efforts to cope with problems at home and at the office.

    William Windom played"John Monroe",Joan Hotchiks played

    his wife "Ellen",Harold J.Stone played his not too understanding


    Henry Morgan(the former controversal radio saterist and

    tv game show panelist and host)played a magazine collumnist

    and child actress Lisa Gerrisen played Mr.Windom's daughter


    Despite the critcal acclaim that the series was

    not a ratings hit and NBC TV cancelled the show after one season.

    "My World & Welcome To it!"did inspire the creation of a

    theaterical feature film"The War Between Men & Women"..

    which was released in 1972.

    Ms.Gerrisen would play the daughter in the movie..although

    her name was changed to "Linda Cosslienko".