When he wrecks a customer's swimming pool..because

    the fink woint pay him for his services as a pool cleaner.

    "Morris Buttermaker"(Played by Jack Warden)is sentenced

    to work as a baseball coach at a school for troubled kids

    by the judge at civic court.

    The kids are impossible types who can't play the game

    properly..let alone stay out of trouble.

    In order to help the boys play the game properly

    and to aide in his finishing his sentence?

    "Buttermaker"has the principal of the school

    "Dr.Catherine Rappant"(played by Catherine Hicks)

    reassign a tough but brilliant little tomboy"Amanda

    Whiritzer"to play on the team and to try and improve

    her education.

    Stories depic "Buttermaker's"efforts to try and improve

    the"Bears'baseball skills,keep the kids out of trouble and

    finish his that he can return to his career as

    a not too successful swimming pool cleaner.

    This tv version of the popular movie comedy starring

    Walter Matthau,Joyce Van Patten,Vic Morrow,Brandon

    Cruiz and Tatum O'Neil was not as popular as it's cinematic


    It was on the air for only two seasons..before it was

    abruptly cancelled in 1978.